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  1. Winston_008

    Help me choose my new ISP!

    This might be a silly question, but were there better speeds for the capped plans or is that more a matter of infrastructure?
  2. Winston_008

    DiRT 3 Updated!

    wow this was a real surprise, thanks for the find, and here was me thinking it was an april fools joke! lol
  3. Winston_008

    cloning OS partition to new hardware

    I did this just recently, I moved my windows install onto a new drive and then stuck it into my new pc, and I have had 0 problems with the migration, I even went from amd to intel and it still went smoothly. Try using this (link to the iso is in the guide) Paragon adaptive restore...
  4. Winston_008

    Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 Gaming 2 GB

    ^^ Because it would be faster if they overclocked the memory, a better out of box experience is always better.
  5. Winston_008

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 960

    Really half the tdp of the gtx 980? correct me if im wrong but this card is no where near half of 165w
  6. Winston_008

    using a projector for gaming.

    It would be alright for people who don't really care too much for absolute quality i.e a kids game room or something.
  7. Winston_008

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Specs Confirmed

    How was the gtx 660 a dud on so many levels?
  8. Winston_008

    Game giveaway: take these indies from my hands

    Can I have a super late proteus please? :peace::toast: thanks man
  9. Winston_008

    MSI Announces Z97I Gaming ACK Motherboard

    Well I'm glad they realized that the cpu socket placement on their previous itx gaming motherboard was terrible.
  10. Winston_008

    Corsair Obsidian 250D

    If I wanted a mini itx case without compromise I would buy the ncase m1
  11. Winston_008

    AMD Mobile "Carrizo" Family of APUs Arrive in 2015

    hmm I thought they would have gone 20nm for this.
  12. Winston_008

    Who is moving to 4K?

    Ill move to 4k when they are the price of current 1080p monitors :D
  13. Winston_008

    ASRock Z97 M8 Barebones PC

    I think there's a typo in the dimensions 800mm by 740mm is way too large.
  14. Winston_008

    Laptop barrel tip converter help

    I see what you mean, I agree its probably not the best. http://www.mini-box.com/picoPSU-160-XT probably gonna go with this, shame I cant use my existing laptop adapter with it though, as it only takes 12v.
  15. Winston_008

    Laptop barrel tip converter help

    my case is so small I literally cannot fit anything else in other than a pico psu or similar. My case is this http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1744487 What do you suggest?
  16. Winston_008

    Laptop barrel tip converter help

    I'm not too worried about that, my power brick is a 19.5v @ 11.8A genuine hp model. Plus I wont be using anywhere near the rated 200w, my mini pc currently only has an i5 4570t rated at 35w in it, but I plan on adding a gtx 750 ti or similar low profile card to it.
  17. Winston_008

    Laptop barrel tip converter help

    Im using this power brick for my pc not my laptop. Anyway I found the proper connector converter. http://www.bixpower.com/product-p/cnt-x75.htm
  18. Winston_008

    Laptop barrel tip converter help

    Im going to get this dc dc atx psu http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Z3-ATX-160-160W-high-power-24pin-mini-ITX-DC-ATX-power-supply-with/211500_729581097.html and want to use my existing hp laptop adapter brick with it, the only problem is the connector for this psu is a...
  19. Winston_008

    The Quad Rad Roundup (Massive 56k warning)

    call me naive but until now I didn't even realise anyone made 560mm rads lol.
  20. Winston_008

    Gigabyte Outs G1.Gaming Branded H81 Chipset Motherboard

    those vrm phases are in line with low cost mini itx mobos lol
  21. Winston_008

    Scythe kodati

    Does anyone have this cooler yet? I cant seem to find any reviews on it, I'm planning on using it for my mini itx build as I don't need anything real fancy for my 35w i5 4570t and its much cheaper than the noctua nh9i. http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/kodati.html
  22. Winston_008

    Would you like to see game reviews on TPU?

    I voted no, to be honest I think game reviews is more of a next powerup thing.
  23. Winston_008

    SilverStone Unveils White Milo ML07 Chassis

    looks nice
  24. Winston_008

    I melted my CPU power connector...

    lol this post made my day
  25. Winston_008

    OCZ Vector 150 240 GB

    I think this has been misplaced and put in the video cards category selection.