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  1. Krazy Owl

    Need ideas

    hi guys. I got a broken screen on a 10.1" netbook but it still works well. Any of you ever transfered the main board and stuff into a case or a project? I dont want to dump it and the screen cost most than the value of the netbook itself. Thx :)
  2. Krazy Owl

    Post your dumpster find.

    Ok guys here's the deal. Spring is here and lot of people will get rid of their older eletronics since summer is coming and major stores try to liquidate their leftover from last christmas stocks. If you ever find something nice in the dumpster then you post it here even if it's from past years.
  3. Krazy Owl

    Rebuilding Insipiron 640M

    I got a Dell Inspiron 640M for free. I needed to get an inverter that received already and a backlight for screen that I just ordered. Originnaly it had thermal tape. I ordered replacement of 0.5mm thickness. Is it sufficient for the cpu and video card? it has 1.66 gig 667fsb dualcore...
  4. Krazy Owl

    Setup built need help

    Hi. I'm building up a setup with spare parts I got and a mobo someone just gave me. Right from the start I'm telling you that I WILL NOT BUY OTHER PARTS. Mobo: Asrock G41C-S CPU: 775 dualcore E2180 Memory: 3 gigs DDR2-800 GPU: GeForce 8600GT 512megs DDR3 So I want to know what...
  5. Krazy Owl

    Suggest me 775 mATX mobo

    Hi. I am looking for a mATX socket 775 motherboard with DDR2 that can handle dualcore or even better a quadcore. I already have here a dualcore, the DDR2, the sata hdd, the pci-e gpu. My last mobo blowed up so i will search on ebay based on your past experiences and suggestions...
  6. Krazy Owl

    Help on USB speed

    I am wondering about usb speed on an older computer. If I have 2 USB 2.0 ports on a motherboard and if I add a PCI card with 2 usb ports which one is faster? I have only 2 ports onboard so I added this PCI card and I want to know the faster one so i can plug properly my hardwares that...
  7. Krazy Owl

    Old laptop internet question

    Hi. I have a Compaq Evo N610C with 100Mbits/s lan and a PCMCIA wireless lan card at 54Mbits/s. Both connected at same time and they both work I think. Does it mean my download is now 154Mbits/s ???
  8. Krazy Owl

    Ebay deal 775 mobo

    Hi. I don't know if we can post e-bay deals here but I tought it could be nice for guys still having older parts. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/5188-4385-GR-A-HP-Compaq-Motherboard-System-Board-100-working-Buckeye-GL8E-/261166886561?pt=Motherboards&hash=item3ccec26ea1 A 775 mobo supporting DDR2...
  9. Krazy Owl

    How much this gpu still worth?

    Hi. I'm thinking about selling this one : http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b146/HIS_HD_4670_IceQ_Native_HDMI.html The overclocked version: Memory clock 873mhz / 1746mhz Almost new. Thx to help me out.
  10. Krazy Owl

    Compaq D51S for work.

    Ok I have a Compaq D51S sff socket 478 2.8 gigs 2 gigs ddr400. 64megs agp. dvd burner and 80 gigs hdd I need to keep Win XP so other people can handle the computer. Xp home edition 32 bits. What are the softwares I should use: Google, Firefox, Explorer : Which one and WHY? What...
  11. Krazy Owl

    Need USB key password software

    Hi. As title says I need a software to code and protect my usb key informations. I will be putting personnal infos on it and bring it to my key set with car and house keys. I will change the usb name for My first name and cell phone number so person finding it can call me in case of lost...
  12. Krazy Owl

    Need help. CPU not showing good speed.

    Hi. I have put my hand on a HP Pavilion a800n with a 3200+ skt 462 2.2gigs. the bios is up to date but still in the bios and in windows it shows 1.1 gig. There is no manual switch onboard and the multiplier is locked in the bios. Any idea why it's like that? Motherboard A7V8X-LA...
  13. Krazy Owl

    Need DVD converter

    Hi. I need a good DVD converter that will work on a P4 single core and that can convert DVD to .AVI format. I want to transfer all my movies into .AVI mode and put them in an external HDD so I can bring it anywhere and also plug it into the usb media port reader on my TV. Thank you.
  14. Krazy Owl

    XP on 4.5 gigs ???

    Hi. Just got my hand on a dumped freaking old computer. Penitum 2 350 mhz slot1 96 megs ram ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP Hard disk 4.5 gigs How can it be to install XP pro sp2 on this shit and get it to roll so quick at same time ? I will probably install Xubuntu on it and use it as junk...
  15. Krazy Owl

    What difference Crunching VS Folding?

    Hi. I,m newbie to this and I would like to understand the difference between folding and crunching. Also why is there a need for high end graphic card when you crunch? Usually I would only turn off the screen and no graphic needed. :P Thanx for teaching me.
  16. Krazy Owl

    Need help. HDD on LAN

    Hi. I have put my hand on an external HDD case with a lan plug on it. I have spare drives here so I would like to plug it onto my home LAN so all people can watch movies and save files there instead of using Skydrive or google cloud. How does it work the setup on that usually? With IP or...
  17. Krazy Owl

    Need software to download Facebook albums

    hi i close my FB account and i want to download all my albums and pictures. What software can I use to grab all of them instead of saving one by one my 384 pictures? Thank you.
  18. Krazy Owl

    Need help! High Def VS AC'97

    Hi. Motherboard Asus P5GD1-VM Drivers on Asus website are stopped at Vista 64. I installed Win 7 pro on it and manualy added the drivers for the storage drivers. Audio installed itself by default with Win7 as High definition audio. Now here's the thing: My computer case had...
  19. Krazy Owl

    Could this be HTPC?

    Athlon XP 3200+ skt 462 (skt A) 2.2 gigs 1 gig pc2700 BFG Tech GeForce 7800 GS OC edition 256megs AGP 8X HDD 160 gigs IDE133 XP home edition Someone dumped the computer and the only defect is to replace the old DVD reader and the blowed psu.
  20. Krazy Owl

    What software to copy HDD ?

    I got everything already installed on a 250gigs hdd and wanna transfer the whole setup to a 320gig more recent hdd. I want it really simple. Do I just copy and paste the C: to send it to the other drive or i use a software you can suggest me? I will just open the case plug in the free...
  21. Krazy Owl

    What is better?

    What is better? Slower cpu single core with better graphic card OR Higher cpu single core with lower graphic card Generally speaking only and I will not write down any specs or this thread could be polluted by some trigger freaks who are too quick to give advices on buyings...
  22. Krazy Owl

    How many watts?

    P4 630 3.0gigs 2m cache 3.0gigs ddr400 (4 sticks) Asus 8600gt 512megs pci-e One dvd-rw LG sata One hdd 320gigs WD blue sata No possible overclock and will be in htpc for movies, surfing, BF2 multiplayer. Thank you.
  23. Krazy Owl

    [WTB] mAtx 775 mobo ddr2 able multicore

    Hi I am looking slowy to find a micro atx motherboard with socket 775 and preferably 4 DDR2-800 slots and 2 sata ports. I have 5 gigs of DDR2-800 laying around and a dualcore already. My mobo blowed so I,m seeking a cheap one. The best it would have an HDMI port but i can use hdmi...
  24. Krazy Owl

    Old setup

    Asus P5GD1-VM P4 3gigs fsb800 2m cache 3 gigs ddr400 Geforce 8600 gt htdp 512megs pci-e 16x 320 gigs sata For an old setup is there bottleneck? No gaming intended or maybe BF2 multiplayer.
  25. Krazy Owl

    Fractal giveaway

    Hi. I am a suscriber to TPU on facebook and i dont see there the results of fractal giveaway neither i see it here. What is the section that announce the winners? Thank you.