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  1. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    I purchased the Aorus 1070 a week ago and compared the temps to my Gamerock 1070. The Aorus is around 5-10 degrees hotter while running at around 10% more fan speed. I just want to know if my card is defective. Both are 3 slot coolers while the Aorus has 3 100mm fans. PS: I got the temps while...
  2. toilet pepper

    Two 3 slot graphics card in one motherboard

    So the girlfriend said she will buy me new graphics card within the next few weeks. What I have right now is the Palit Gamerock 1070 and it is performing wonderfully and quite cool never reaching temps of 70C even when its overclocked to hell. I'm planning to get a 1080 but I cant find a...
  3. toilet pepper

    PSA: Don't update your Gigabyte AM4 motherboard BIOSes.

    I've flashed my Aorus X370 Gaming 5 board with the latest F7 BIOS available on the official download page of Gigabyte and found that the BIOS would fry your CPU. The same is true for the B350 and other X370 boards BIOSes released in August 2017 AFAIK. The BIOS would default your CPU voltage to...
  4. toilet pepper

    AM3+ MSi 970 Gaming board problem

    When I changed boards a few months ago I changed boards and found out several weird damp spots on the board - particularly where the VRMs are. I was using an FX8320 overclocked to 4.3Ghz and undervolted to around 1.28mv. (below stock) I don't see any reason why the VRMs would melt with these...
  5. toilet pepper

    UPDATED Gigabyte Beta BIOS for Ryzen motherboards

    New beta bios already up at Gigabyte's forums. I've managed to clock my Trident Z RGB SK Hynix single rank 3000Mhz kit to 3200Mhz with no hassle using an Aorus Gaming 5. http://forum.gigabyte.us/thread/886/am4-beta-bios-thread?page=1&scrollTo=2510
  6. toilet pepper

    Upgrade itch going to be scratched tomorrow

    So I finally managed to amass funds to upgrade my rig kinda... (The GF will pay for the RAM and board as a gift) I'll probably be getting the ffg: CPU: R5-1600 Mobo: Aorus x370 Gaming K7 RAM: G Skill Trident Z RGB 3000Mhz CL 16 Now, I have a problem. I don't see the RAM listed in the board QVL...
  7. toilet pepper

    How do you guys deal with the "upgrade itch?"

    Do you guys have any other techniques other than the "I'm poor people." technique? I'm thinking of pulling a trigger on a Ryzen 1700 and an aorus k7 now (as in now since it is availble and its like a 30 min trip) but I'm thinking waiting for the Crosshair Hero 6 and 1600x would be a good idea...
  8. toilet pepper

    Will Ryzen 5 1600x be a better deal than the 1700 or 1700x?

    With the specs released so far, the 1600x woulf be a better buy than the 1700x or 1700. Price and performance wise the 1600x would beat its big brothers at default state, due to better binning and having a higher clockspeed. Hopefully, we can unlock the locked core like the oldtimes. Question...
  9. toilet pepper

    Asus x370 Crosshair VI Hero has AM3 mounting support

    Asus just posted on their facebook page that this board have holes to support AM3 brackets and coolers. Any other boards out there that would have it. With a price premium on these ROG boards buying another AIO along with another decent board would be cost effective.
  10. toilet pepper

    Need help in choosing a keyboard

    Hey guys! I need some help in choosing a mech keyboard. A local store is having a hefty sale on some products and they are kinda a steal right now. Currently, I'm using a logitech g105 kb and planto upgrade to a mechancal one. The keyboards on sale are Razer blackwidow standard edition 2014...
  11. toilet pepper

    DSR on desktop

    I really like using DSR on desktop as it gives more screen area when upscaling from 1080p to 1440p or 4k. My question is, "Does enabling DSR on desktop equates to more gpus power usage?" Thanks.
  12. toilet pepper

    No Boot/Post when usb device is connected

    I finally got my board back from RMA. They said they had to flash the BIOS to the latest one. I'm not sure how they did it. Most likely they changed the BIOS chip. My problem now is a few days after plugging the FX-8320, the PC wont post or boot when a USB device is connected even a mouse...
  13. toilet pepper

    7950 boost question

    I have the 7950 boost edition by sapphire and I have some question about it. I can't exactly grasp how the boost on this card works. I know for a fact that it is not the same way as how Nvidia boost works. Mine is clocked at default 925mhz according to Gpu-z (i know it should be 850) and vddc...