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  1. TheCrow

    [WTB][EU] Bo$$ WTB Thread

    I got a MS Lifecam HD sat here doing nothing if your interested? Also got that xigmatek s1283 cpu cooler sat here doing nothing now.
  2. TheCrow

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Exploring as in urbexing?
  3. TheCrow

    What routers are people using?

    I'm using the same HomeHub, except I have it behind several other routers, in fact i have a diagram of how i have mine setup:
  4. TheCrow

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    How's this for a bot of an upgrade guys..... My rig is on the left but im getting: Asus P5QL Pro 2x 2GB Geil DDR2 800 Core2Duo E5300 GTX 260 768mb Noctua NHU12F. Should give me a bit more speed right? My mate is doing me the lot for £100 as im outta work at the moment.
  5. TheCrow

    iPhone... Your Thoughts

    I've used an iphone 3G and iphone 4, but i much prefer my Android Samsung Galaxy S. Don't get me wrong, the iphone is great and very simple to use. I just prefer the way that android is laid out, i also much prefer the way i can set up my homescreen however i want it, not how apple want me to...
  6. TheCrow

    Multi player via Lan. Its becoming rare !

    If both pc's have dual lan sockets, one of which is spare you could run a really long lead between the two and simply turn the connections off in windows when needed, etc? Its an arse you should need to do that just to play a game but it could save the hassle of having to swap over cables all...
  7. TheCrow

    [FS/FT] [uk] msi nx8800gtx oc 768mb

    Get it on the bay dude, i just sold a faulty one for £37! You should piss £47.
  8. TheCrow

    Trackmania Nations

    Trackmania is awesome! I cant beleive more people on here don't play it.
  9. TheCrow

    Faulty Acer Aspire 3100 mobo

    Sounds very similar to a problem i had recently.... http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=126563 The build quality of acer laptops is poor to put it nicely. There is tons of forums all over where people have experienced the same problems with all differant types of acer laptop. I...
  10. TheCrow

    LanOps 9 - Lan Party in Sheffield

    Is this gonna be organised by the lansoap people? Just i was gonna go to the last one but it got cancelled and then nothing happened on the forum for months it seemed. I might be tempted to pop and say hello as i only live a two minute walk from fiskerton!
  11. TheCrow

    Laptop Clubhouse!

    Both of them are nice specs!
  12. TheCrow

    Nokia XpressMusic 5800 Sim Card Registration Failed

    Sim Registration failed normally means the sim has been cut off from the network, or the phone has been barred from the network. Try a differant 02 sim and see if that works.
  13. TheCrow

    How pleased am i???

    I got a 8800GTX and 2 xbox's to cook next!
  14. TheCrow

    How pleased am i???

    My mrs's mums laptop broke some time ago. I never got chance to look at it even tho i kept nagging the mrs to bring it around for me. Anyway after nearly a years wait it's turned up. A pc repair shop have looked and said it needed a new motherboard, and the local technology dept at the...
  15. TheCrow

    RGB output needed for my TV

    Same here! I love my 32" sony tv to bits, the picture is in my mind equally as good when using a good source and RGB rather than s-video. It's just getting to the stage like u said thats it's getting left behind by newwer technology. Shame.
  16. TheCrow

    Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

    I use a Sidewinder X8 Mouse and Sidewinder X6 keyboard. I cant fault either of them personally. I abuse my keyboard alot as i like to beat hell out of em when im frustrated in a game, etc. And the sidewinder keyboard laps up the abuse. The red backlight is perfect and you can dim it to any level...
  17. TheCrow

    Palit 9800 GT 512 MB

    I presume that is german :laugh::laugh: Can you ellaborate a little or translate a little better? I have the palit 9800GT and it works fine with the latest drivers from nvidia so im not sure where you are going wrong. Sorry I cant be of more help.
  18. TheCrow

    HDTV Tuner for my computer

    It will work fine, except nothing is broadcast in HD to us yet except sky over satellite. So all you will recieve is normal SD channels. Plus the people who are deciding how are HD will be broadcast haven't decided on what format, so you could be spending all that cash and it will never work...
  19. TheCrow

    HDTV Tuner for my computer

    I noticed you in ireland which means either Virgin Cable, Sky Satellite or Freeview. As freeview aint HD that cancels that out. Virgin cable do carry a few HD channels, but the only way your gonna get them is with a box from them, they don't make anything for the pc and wont. That leave's you...
  20. TheCrow

    £400 PC from a local shop

    What sory of resolution will you be gaming at? I use a 9800gt with a x2 6000 (3ghz) and most games run fine at 1680x1050, its only some that struggle with full AA and all eye candy on. As for being a media pc card? Christ it'd be a beast of a htpc if that was the case.
  21. TheCrow

    [FS][EU] [UK] Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 Set.

    As the title. Just recieved this fresh from ms as my 8000 set broke :( I would keep and use it but i prefer a backlit keyboard so for the time being im using my sidewinder. So this 7000 is brand new and unopened. Im hoping to recoup as much as i can so £65 including postage...
  22. TheCrow

    [UK]Free Gadet Show Tickets....

    LOL. If i could get special tickets gauranteeing me being allowed to give suzy perry a good seeing to i think it would change my mind lol!
  23. TheCrow

    [UK]Free Gadet Show Tickets....

    Glad to be of some assistance. Unfortunately both a miles from me so i wont make it.
  24. TheCrow

    [UK]Free Gadet Show Tickets....

    https://www.dabs.com/formviewer.aspx?formid=event2010 Just send away on the Link above. Shows are in manchester and london.