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  1. mjkmike

    Bad Ads

    Just don't like anything with download in it. I try to point my dumb friends to TPU and this just hurts.
  2. mjkmike

    Real things wrong on TPU.

    This thread is for things that members notice that should be brought to attention. As an example I noticed that free image hosting only has a copyright going to 2011. This may be Wizz just not thinking this far ahead but it should be fixed, and any other time related things looked at...
  3. mjkmike

    Who builds this?

    It was a gift from a friend.:laugh:
  4. mjkmike

    Has anyone heard of a AMD 1035t or 1045t?

    Just read that AMD will start shipping a new X6 1045T to replace the 1035T. I have never heard of any of these two chips. The 1045T is said to be clocked at 2.7 and will replace the 1035T. Question? Is this an OEM only chip?
  5. mjkmike

    h50 and dying psu

    Can a bad psu damage the pump on a h50. The reason I ask is that the psu on my AMD955 died a slow death last night. Put a Corsair 650 on to test the system and was glad everything worked, that was untill I ran speed fan and the core temp was 84c under full load. I stop crunching and...
  6. mjkmike

    Straight line on screen.

    Hi all, I'm mjkmike I crunch for team TPU:toast: I have a line on my screen that goes from top to bottom, this line is still present on different machines (i7 with nivida,1055t with 58700) My question is, I hot swap the cabel from one machine to the other just how bad is this? Thanks in...
  7. mjkmike

    Thinking of building 100% cruncher. Need help.

    As the title says I am going to build a new rig just for the team. The big question is just what will i put in it, and do i really need a case. I was thinking going i7 930, but with the new 6 core from Intel i was thinking that would be worth waiting for. just for the AMD fans in the club, I...
  8. mjkmike

    WCG 101 team thread

    I'll start by saying great job too all who are in the 101 - 200 rank. You are the best and you show us what makes a team!
  9. mjkmike

    Thought My Am3 had a few years, Then I found this.

    Magny-Cours. Server chip, but still look at the width of that chip! New Everything, Board,Cooler,ect... And if AMD is going this way Intel is too!