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  1. RealNeil

    Win-10 Power Toys

    Get the new Win-10 Power toys here. Power Toys
  2. RealNeil

    The difference between GTX-1070Ti SLI and GTX-1080FE SLI barely registers on benchmarks

    I pulled the 1080FE cards out of my i9-7900X box and replaced them with a pair of Vega-64 cards. Having the two 1080FE cards laying around, I decided to swap them for my two 1070Ti cards. I ran before and after benches on the system to see how much the 1080s gave me over the 1070Ti cards. There...
  3. RealNeil

    Crossfire Vega 64 with Vega 56

    What would the performance hit be? Will it work OK? I have one of each just sitting here and I'm wanting to try them out.
  4. RealNeil

    PowerColor Radeon RX Vega 64

    Is anyone using this GPU? If so, how does it do?
  5. RealNeil

    CatZilla Benchmark

    Does anybody still use CatZilla to bench their systems? Download Link: http://www.catzilla.com/download This is my i7-7700K box's score.
  6. RealNeil

    Will Kraken X41 cool a 10 Core?

    I'm using a Kraken X41 to cool my i7-6850K CPU and all is good so far, temps stay in the 60-70C range with a mild OC that is running at 4.0 GHz. (stock is 3.6 GHz.) I just made a deal with a friend for his i9-7900X 10-Core CPU, an MSI Mainboard, and a 32GB kit of RAM. I'm wondering if I can get...
  7. RealNeil

    CoolerMaster MasterAir Maker-8 CPU cooler.

    Sorry that it's taken me so long to use this cooler, (I won it here on TPU) but when I first pulled it out it didn't fit in the case I was using. (it's huge!) Fast forward to now, and I decided on a whim to try it out on an X99 build. The CPU is an i7-6850K installed in a Gigabyte X99 Ultra...
  8. RealNeil

    Framerate capped at 60FPS?

    OK, let me say sorry for this in advance. I've been looking for the way to turn off the 60FPS framerate cap on this system for days, and my feeble mind can't grasp the solution. (Getting older is not for sissies) This system is running Win-7 64Bit, and my graphics driver is 372.70 (the latest...
  9. RealNeil

    Core i7-5930K or Intel Core i7-6850K CPU?

    I can buy either the Core i7-5930K or Intel Core i7-6850K CPU. I'm not sure which one that I want. The prices are about $25.00-US apart. One is newer. Both have 40 PCI-E lanes to work with. I looked here to compare, but I don't see much difference between them. My gut feeling is to get the...
  10. RealNeil

    GTX-980Ti Clock Speed Matching

    Hello, I recently added a second EVGA GTX-980Ti to one of my systems. Performance is good. (Eeee-Haa!) But one of them is a Super Clocked card, and the other is not. Should I consider overclocking one to match the other? Should I downclock one of them? Should I just leave them alone? If...
  11. RealNeil

    GTX-980Ti coming soon?

    NVIDIA preparing GeForce GTX 980 Ti with 6GB VRAM, faster than Titan X
  12. RealNeil

    SR71 History and Photos.

    The SR71 was one of the most advanced Air Frames ever built. Here is a page devoted to it with a lot of rare Pics. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/rare-photos-of-the-sr-71-blackbird-show-its-amazing-his-1670184930/+kcampbelldollaghan
  13. RealNeil

    Catzilla New Version is out.

    FYI: There is a new version of Catzilla out now. Find it here. Enjoy, and post some results if you want to,.............
  14. RealNeil

    For those of you in the US,........

    Outrageous deal on the super overclocking, (or so I'm reading) Pentium G3258 Haswell ~Unlocked~ 20 Year Anniversary CPU ~with~ an MSI Z97 U3 Plus Z97 Motherboard! They sell together for $205.00 normally, but NewwEgg has the pair of them on sale for $99.00 shipped! I just bought it and I'll...