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    Only 8 GB RAM can be used out of 12. WIN7 64 Bit Ultimate

    HWInfo agrees, I only have access to 8 of my 12 GB RAM. Any suggestions to get the last four working as well?
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    Maybe fault in GPU-Z 2.16.0 Mixes up GPUs

    I have one PC with two different GPUs, a 2060 and a 2070ti. I use them for folding and the results that I got the past 10 days or so (from day one with two GPUs in it) was strange The result shows is that the 1070ti is a "better" GPU in therms of points per day (a faster card) but I couldn't...
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    [FF] Asus GTX 680 + 3x2700x stock coolers. Denmark.

    I got three of these cooler, one ran for a week (no problem except that I run Linux and I hate LED). The Asus GTX 680 have maximum 500 run hours. All in original boxes. There are two conditions, you pick it up where I life and you at least try folding at home ( Folding at home intro) with the...
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    GTX 1070 downclock to base when Firefox is closed

    My new MSI GTX 1070 X comes with a base clock of 1583 and a resulting boost clock of 1923 MHz but only when Firefox is running with hardware acceleration on (default setting). If I load Firefox without that setting the boost clock goes down to 1583. If the setting is on and I close Firefox the...
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    Help did something in W7 and now all opens with notepad

    Well title sums it up. Win7, Ultimate. All programs now opens in Wordpad and I can't seem to change it. All advices is welcome.
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    Isn't it time of a non ES 4790K review?

    I have now seen 10-15 ES chips tested by people that forgot about the past Intel history of handpicking ES chips and then send them out for review. I would like to see a retail chip compared to a average retail 4770K chip. Even in a second world country like Denmark (when it comes to release...
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    Points lottery big time

    Here is a list of my resent uploads. The hosts are identical (supposed to be at least) and it’s an unknown Intel running at 2.66 GHz. I have 20 of those and there has been a factor 2½ between the most and least productive in terms of points over a period of one week but here I see 16 pph and 80...
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    reminder & update: server room maintenance: December 16, 2010

    Headline from Folding@home - http://folding.typepad.com/ Today was a poor day with many lost point but at least the work was done and can be used. Tomorrow could be the day your GPU's cool down because of lack of work. Just so you are warned.
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    Out of GPU3 WU´s again?

    The server seems to be fine but I can't connect to it. Am I the only one?
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    Is my SSD dead?

    It happened about a month ago so I'm can't remember the exact details of how it died. I think I restarted the PC and the message was there I had no OS. Today I popped in my mirrored HD and was up running. I hocked up the SSD and restarted the PC but no sign of the SSD. Power is on (Zalman “hot...
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    Is it possible to exchange MB without new OS install?

    I think that a faulty PSU blow my wifes P45 board. Can I exchange the board with a similar brand and model and avoid to make a fresh install? MB in question is a Ausu P5Q.
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    Good deals on Xeon 5063 Dual Core with HT

    I have not checked if all four retailers made a mistake but it seems like this 3.2 GHZ socket 771 baby can be yours for 280 DKR ($51) a piece. Street price in US is around $150 and that still cheap. MB and RAM will set you back a bit more but if your are looking for an upgrade...
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    Stanford is up and running

    From Folding Forum Re: GPU server status,, Postby VijayPande » Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:27 pm Thanks for the posts. It's early AM in Califorina (that's why this went unfixed for several hours), but I think we've got everything going again. I've contacted...
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    Production drop is to be expected - P10102 is here

    Just got these 548 pointers on all three GPU's. My trusted 9000 PPD (average on 260 GTX) is now a 7400 PPD producer. Core run 2 C hotter. GPU load is 99%. :banghead: Ups, can't fix headline
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    Working on GROwing Monsters And Cloning Shrimps

    That's what WU Project: 5783 (Run 10, Clone 51, Gen 7) seems to be about. :banghead: That is not the reason that I joined F@H. Good thing that I didn't buy a Xeon rig for folding. I'm not ready to cloned shirmps and Monsters ?!