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    RealTemp General Discussion

    Okay, Thanks again, Now to gaming, Cheers
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    RealTemp General Discussion

    Thanks, Yes the Turbo switch was the problem. So I set your recommended TJMax. Do we need to bother then with Idle calibration at all? My idles at even 3.8Ghz sit at 40's. My Ambient in the room is almost constant 23-24C and 26-27C inside bottom of case. That's Delta well above...
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    RealTemp General Discussion

    RealTemp changing CPU ratio of overclock when activated? Hello Uncleweb, I asked about some calibration temp issues a while back in the main page but never got any replies, so my sensor cal may still be off. Decided to overclock my I7-960 to start playing Skyrim and I'm getting a weird...
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    I7-960 Noctua NH-D14, Core temps vs ambient high?

    Hello all, new to RealTemp and just started trying some overclocking with no problems so far. But, I read back through the documentation on the calibration and the Idle degrees above ambient section and wonder if my readings suggest some issues. I haven't run the sensor test yet because I...