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    First 5700 build CanI use AIB reference VBios

    Good afternoon to the community. I doing a build and have the Asus Dual 5700 that was an inexpensive $449. The specific card is the Asus Dual-5700-08G-Evo. Would it be possible to use the Asus 5700XT reference VBios with this card? If not is there a BIOS file anyone is aware of that works with...
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    What 5 Games are you most Anticipating?

    There are a ton of Games on the horizon in the PC space (and hardware). Some are in Alpha, some in beta and some are just not ready yet. Here are my five most anticipated Games in no particular order. Marvels Avengers: Spiderman was a great Game on the PS4. Jedi Fallen Order (In terms of...
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    What is the best Pick and play Space Sim

    We have Star Wars Squadrons coming, games like Elite and even Eve are huge sandbox or MMO in Space games. Even the upcoming Squadron 42 may end up being more sandbox than some of the old classics. There have been some really good releases and there is more selection in the Space than before. So...
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    AMDs Budget king

    Colour me pink I have now found my favourite CPU. I used my rewards points to get a 3300X for $169.99 Canadian. I installed it in the Asus B450 Prime A. That is in no way a premium board. The thing is even this budget board has my CPU singing along at a stable 4.5 GHZ OC. I applied the OC using...
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    The serious GAP in GPU price/performance

    This is not for the Used market. I don't live near a Microcenter, I have to use Amazon, Newegg, Canada Computers, Memory Express and I believe B&H. There is no doubt that the 2080TI currently is the best GPU in terms of performance but the price of entry costs more than a well specced Gaming...
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    My Crazy Idea all Alphacool mod

    I have the Eisstation reservoir pump unit. In this time of self isolation it allows for a ton of free time. I was thinking what would be the results if I found a way to connect my XPX ProU to the Eisstation, basically turning it into an Eisbaer for TR4...
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    How big can gumstick NVME drives get?

    We have seen new SSDs with PCIe gen 4. We have seen PCIe based SSDs for while (OCZ Revodrive) and there are a vast amount of companies selling SSDs. I have seen some 4 TB SSDs but are there any upcoming 6 to 10 TB NVME drives. Is it even physically feasible, or do we have to go past QLC to get...
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    Epic, Humble, Xbox Live and Cheap Games

    Hi to everybody. I posted in the free games thread yesterday "With all of these free games and Humble does anyone still buy full priced games on Steam". To me there are viable ways to build a PC and not ever have to pay for a full priced game to have a great experience. Don't get me wrong I am...
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    NAVI Does support Crossfire?

    There is a video from Gear Seekers doing a review of the 5600XT. He showed benchmarks of crossfire scores in Rise of the Tomb Raider. I have been scouring the net looking for confirmation of this and found an article (at work so can't post the link) that stated AMD was contemplating allowing...
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    2920X OC question.

    I am now the proud owner of a 2920X. It replaced my 1920X. I notice that the stock voltage is a ridiculous 1.07 volts. My CPU idles around 27 C-32 C. I have been reading that traditional OCs can dramatically raise the power draw. I have been reading that PBO may be the best bet. What is the...
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    Asus X399 ROG STRIX PCI-E question

    Hi I am researching a HEDT (affordable) build for a customer, everywhere I look it states that the X399 ROG STrix only supports 3 cards in the x16 slots. I see 4 PCI_E x16 slots on the board and the MB manual lists them at 16 or 8. I do not see any asteriks to state that any of the 16 slots...
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    As rock X399 Professional problem

    So I got my hands on a As Rock X399 Professional for a build I am putting together. I installed the MB yesterday and noticed that for some reason the Dr Debug gets to 90 and freezes. I notice that one of my fans stops working. When I lookup the post code it tells me Chipset initialization error...
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    2060 KO is actually a 2080 Chip?

    I was watching a Gamer Nexus video this morning and they did a discussion on the 2060 KO from Evga. They showed the chip is larger than the 2060 chip and is marked as 104. Which is the same designation for the 2080 (Not super). The thought process according to them was that it was either a 2080...
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    Asus Web storage

    Hi to the community. Does anyone use Asus Web storage and if so how do you like it? I keep getting offers from them for special deals. Personally I would rather have my data stored where I can access it without needing the Internet but with the size of current Games I may use a cloud service in...
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    Looking for a Vega 64 preferably reference

    Hi as the post states I am looking for a reference Vega 64 for a project I am working on. I live in Canada but have no issue with paying duties for international orders. It does not matter the brand but I would definitely prefer a reference card.
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    2020 Wishlist, Games, HARDWARE etc..

    So 2020 has launched and we have had some paper and official releases or notifications of products coming down the line. Here is my Wishlist for 2020: 1. An affordable 4 TB SSD or NVME that will give uber performance with great storage. 2. A 7NM CPU for X399; I feel AMD has the ability to...
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    How does everyone like the new GUI

    AMD's adrenalin has made it's debut with a new GUI and a much more granular interface. How does the community feel about it?
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    I never thought I would be a fan of Water cooling

    I had zero interest in water cooling until AIOs came out. My favourite AIO was the Cooler Master Nepton 280 but I had to change the fans to some Phanteks radiator fans because of noise. A few years later I happen to get the Thermaltake Core X9 case and as such look for an AIO that is worthy of...
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    Strange Issue with As Rock X399 Taichi

    I bought a slightly used As Rock X399 Taichi from Amazon about a month ago. There are a couple of weird things happening in terms of the board. 1. The only way I can control RGB is in the BIOS. If I try to use the Windows program it does not launch. 2. The RAM is confusing. The BIOS shows...
  20. K

    Microsoft Game Pass woes

    So I decided that I would give Game Pass another shot. I really wanted to play Gears5 and waited the 4+ hrs to install the 90+ GBs of data. I saved the game to my I drive as I don't want nor need that much data on my C drive. I try to run the game and I get a Windows pop up screen with the...
  21. K

    AMD Warranty

    I have never had to warranty a CPU so I am just looking to ascertain if I am going to have any issues. I have a 1920X that from some reason does not want to boot in 3 different boards. When I inspected the CPU I noticed some staining on the CPU. As there are no pins on the CPU there must be...
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    Favourite Streaming service

    There are now a true plethora of streaming services available to the consumer in today's markets. My thoughts for the community are which ones do you like the best and why? My favourites are as follows; 1. Disney+ Pros : 1. It maybe new but man is there a ton of pop culture content 2...
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    LGA 2066 CPUs

    I was under the impression that prices were supposed to drop for Intel's X299 boards with the release of the latest gen https://www.newegg.ca/core-i7-x-series-intel-core-i7-9800x/p/N82E16819117961?Description=LGA%202066&cm_re=LGA_2066-_-19-117-961-_-Product 8 core CPU for $1999...
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    Gigabyte Vega 64 Gaming OC Waterblock

    Hi, I was thinking of adding a water block to my Gigabyte Gaming OC card. The PCB on the card is somewhat shorter than the reference models but how would the difference between the reference and AIB (this one) PCBs for waterblock compatibility? I was looking at this one...
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    [WTB] Need Micron 1100 2 TB

    Hi just as the post says I am looking for a Micron 1100 2 TB SSD to buy.