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    Apple Says Cloud Gaming Services Like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud Violate App Store Guidelines

    The solution is simple. Developers should abandon iOS. We should just let it rot.
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    Rumor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Lineup Leaked

    280W TDP for the 12 and 16 core CPUs? I highly doubt that. I don't see AMD pushing higher than 140W on those two CPUs.
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    Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD Rumored to Launch Within Two Months

    With windows defender installed by default on windows 10,you won't see any meaningful improvement. Defender already gimps normal nvme ssds very close to SATA SSDs.
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    And Now, a Cyberattack That Uses Fan Vibrations to Steal Data: Air-ViBeR

    ...If someone compromised your airgapped system, and your phone, you have bigger issues than your system varying its fan speed to talk to the phone.
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    CEA-Leti Makes a 96 core CPU from Six Chiplets

    The 28nm process is the best cost efficient process. After that the process becomes more expensive, not less. And if you are aiming for both power efficient and cost efficient design, this isn't a bad choice.
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    Alleged ASUS AMD X570 Motherboard Price-list Paints a Horror Story

    Oh noes, I have to spend 200$ for a motherboard for a 12-core CPU. Hint, to feed that amount of cores with significant data for processing you will need 16-32GB of ram anyway.
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    Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903 Gaming Performance Tested in 21 Titles, with RTX 2080 Ti and Radeon VII

    Why the fuck are they updating the driver model every 6 months? It is like they want every update to result in bluescreens.
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    NVIDIA DLSS Test in Final Fantasy XV

    The game renders in 1440p and DLSS upscales to 4k. DLSS has two modes, DLSS and DLSS - high quality. DLSS renders at lower resolution then upscales, and you get higher fps than if you rendered at native without AA. DLSS HQ renders at native resolution and then applies DLSS to get you to...
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    Microsoft Halts Windows 10 October Update Rollout Yet Again, Affects Only Some Intel Users

    "Issue with intel iGPU driver" = 95% of laptops will have this issue. Also, its Microsoft's fault. Why are they changing the driver model daily? Previously they changed the driver model twice, once for XP, once for Vista. Now they are breaking drivers every 3-4 months. Linux drivers last longer...
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    Remedy Shows The Preliminary Cost of NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Effects in Performance

    The benefits of RTX won't be in AAA games. AAA games already look wonderful. The benefits of RTX will be in low end and indie games. Low end and indie games don't use the graphics card a lot, and RTX allows them to implement global ilumination and great shadows at low production cost. So they...
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    Are you gaming in 4K?

    Yes, I got a benq 4k ips monitor for 500euros. I ran it on a gtx 1060 6gb, with upscaling on high end AAA games, but I mostly play 2011-2014 games like War thunder and World of tanks, and the 1060 didn't have any issues running those games. Last month I upgraded to a 1080 ti, since it turned...
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    Windows 10 Oct 2018 Update Process Runs Aground with Certain Intel Processors, Fix Released

    Oh, yeah super duper smooth. One of these updates made windows boot on my system for 5 minutes, on a nvme ssd. It did the same for my brother, and several other computers.
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    NVIDIA RTX 2080 / 2080 Ti Results Appear For Final Fantasy XV

    I am pretty sure that for multigpunvidia are moving to NVLink, which if done properly will enable better multi-gpu scaling that is transparent to the games. NVLink is similar to multi CPU motherboards with NUMA memory arrangement. (It will add the gpu memories together, and the processors will...
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    SD Express is a New Memory Card Standard That Leverages PCIe and NVMe

    SD cards directly on the PCIex slot with pciex hotplugging. Hello blue screen my old friend. Also giving sd cards full physical memory read access is a horrible horrible idea. Say hello to spy SD cards that can record audio, listen to keystrokes, record video output and with a convenient TB...
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    NVIDIA Expects Partners to Release 4K, 144 Hz G-Sync Displays With HDR in April

    The point is that text looks great. The point of moving to 4k is to get out of the 80PPI range and move into the 150-250PPI range, which looks a lot better. Especially for text. Text looks the same as if it was printed in a book.
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    Intel Intros Core i3-8130U Dual-core Low-power Processor

    Not everyone needs 4 cores. 2 cores at 3.4-3.2GHz is actually very good. It will handle web browsing like a dream, it will play games very well.
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    European Commission Fines Qualcomm €997M for Abuse of Dominant Market Position

    As long as a company wants to sell in the EU, it has to respect eu law. If it doesn't it will be banned. Qualcomm really really doesn't want to be banned in the eu.
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    BSODs from Meltdown and Spectre Firmware Updates Are Spreading Like the Plague

    What were people expecting to happen from unmapping and remapping the kernel memory on every system call?
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    Select AMD Mobile Platforms to Include Qualcomm-Powered LTE Capabilities

    Actually its very useful. Sometimes you are stuck with crappy wifi, or you are in a bus. I started using my phone data for it pretty regularly and its very convenient.(Plus 4g is better than my cable internet at home, i get latencies in the 30ms on 4g, on cable I'm lucky if it gets below 120ms)
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    Select AMD Mobile Platforms to Include Qualcomm-Powered LTE Capabilities

    They were announced on the same qualcom event.
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    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    I have installed every Windows OS from XP onwards, and all the major linux distros(Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, both headless and desktop environments). I have also programmed an actual boot system for android. And have created a custom u-boot version to enable secure boot on a platform that doesn't...
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    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    I will take thousand toolbars over Microsoft. Atleast toolbar vendors are honest malware vendors. Also, Microsoft themselves have Bing bar, and they try to push you to use Internet Explorer every, and I mean every chance they get. Microsoft has killed my work laptop 3 times these last two weeks...
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    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    CSM is the old BIOS, it is the thing being killed. "But anyway, it's no biggie. Windows 7 is EOL in 2020," Microsoft's wet dream, as I said. They can't wait for Windows 10 to be the only "reasonable" choice, so that they can start dicking people with their windows store.
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    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    I have had serious issues installing windows 7 on UEFI machines, most of the time I couldn't even get the install usb to boot. Windows 8.1 was very straightforward in comparison.
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    Intel to Remove Legacy BIOS Support from Motherboard UEFI in 2020

    Its called killing windows 7. Its Microsoft's wet dream.