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    Ssd - sb750 dfi 790gx-m2rs

    SSD - SB750 DFI 790GX-M2RS Corsair SSD force 80 GB ( I got rather cheap! way lower than intels 80GB that provides somewhat less. Anyways. Benching... 150 Mb/sec, okey sata 1. Problem: I have only sata 1 :banghead: Sb750 supports Sata 2 ofc. Bios settings: achi, achi option ROM...
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    ATi Mobility 3450 wierd issues.

    System: HP Elitebook 6930P Intel Core 2 Duo 2.533 ghz (some T model) Memory 8gb. Videocard: Ati Radeon Mobility HD 3450 Furmark tests stable, tested diffrent apps like 3dmark and such. Operating systems Winxp Professional (same image as 400 other pc's in the company) 32 bit(waste of...
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    Watercooling, need for an upgrade ? :P

    Well well. This system is getting plugged with downright shit in the watercooling, so when i'm gonna clean it i might aswell upgrade it. My pump also needs an impreller, or change. http://www.diskusjon.no/index.php?session=4e3594755eb06442f6a35828da737122&act=attach&type=post&id=270423 I was...
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    Microatx build, looking for small but good cooler

    I need an cooler that doesnt exceed 10CM (tall) and it gotta be able to get some heat away, since the build is going to use an Phenom 9850 at the moment. Any suggestions ?