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    Zephyr Gaming Mouse

    I wish they had a variant that was slightly larger and incorporated a slightly larger fan too (30-40mm). My relative with hyperhidrosis also has basketball player hands (long fingers and wide palm) and this would have otherwise been perfect to help cut down how hot his hands get just after 20...
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    Samsung Joins Arm Foray, Eyes Stakes Instead of Buyout

    In a related bit of news, the Co-Founder of ARM doesn't like the idea of NVIDIA potentially buying ARM and under American control, and commented that at least under SoftBank, they were at least neutral. He'd rather have the UK buy back ARM and make it central to making the UK a powerhouse.
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    NVIDIA in Advanced Talks to Acquire Arm from SoftBank

    From Nikkei, seems like SoftBank intends to keep majority stake in ARM even if they sell it, probably taking a controlling stake in NVIDIA or whomever they sell the IP to, effectively owning both.
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    Steam Updates Pricing Restrictions to Combat VPN-based Exploitation of Regional Pricing

    I fail to see how this will stop middlemen (like "forum buddies" or "internet pals") from just buying the game on someone else's behalf, or buying "cheaper" off some ebay seller willing to gift the game over.
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    ENERMAX Launches MarbleShell RGB Computer Case Series

    Marble would make for a nice minimalist accent when paired with all the boring black or white square edged cases, similar to those cases with a bit of wood or wood-like finish and texture. Granted, it'd be heavy, even if it was just a thin, half-cm thick layer.
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    Electronic Arts Reports Strong Q1 FY21 Financial Results

    But are they still in the top 5 of the most hated companies ever?
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    Konami Joins the Desktop PC Market with 3 New Models

    Not for 1000; that's InWin LE Case territory. For 150 or so after all import duties and the like. Similar to some of the region-specific and sometimes novelty cases one could find on Ebay or Aliexpress or TaoBao that usually for about that much for a similar ATX case after S&H + taxes.
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    Konami Joins the Desktop PC Market with 3 New Models

    If they just sold the case, I'd definitely buy it.
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    Intel Makes Changes to Technology Organization

    Swan Lake when?
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    SoftBank Reportedly Considering Selling Arm Holdings

    I suspect this was just unofficial watercooler talk; like they've discussed it just for financial planning reasons but haven't seriously considered doing so. ARM is currently a hot bit of IP to own, what with Amazon, Google, Apple and others going all-in on ARM-based chips for their respective...
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    Chieftec Announces CM-25B-OP Case from the Classic Series

    The only thing this case needs is a 120mm fan mount on the side panel and maybe being a bit wider to accommodate the 120mm and a simple GPU.
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    Chinese Manufacturer ProArtist Solves AM4 CPU Mounting Problem with New IFE2 Bracket

    I could see Noctua probably being one of the first to do this; if not AMD themselves by modifying the plastic, stock cooler retention "bars" to also include a hold down bracket (or setting a separate CPU holding bracket below the two bars, so that the cpu holding bracket can be reused with other...
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    CORSAIR Launches iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers

    You know, it would be hilarious if these could be used with VR tracking tech. Don your headphones, grab the stand, and it becomes a weapon in your VR game.
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    Microsoft Moves to Permanently Close Physical Shops

    I saw a few MS shops at the malls in Dallas and Houston while visiting relatives way before COVID hit. They each had a Kinect Xbox unit set up to a flatscreen that was back to back with another inside a display column outside the shop. One Xbox was always Dance Central, and the other was some...
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    DeepCool Launches New Unique X-Frame MF120 GT A-RGB Fans

    I wonder what took them so long to bring these to market, despite having been teased alongside the "frameless" variants and also having marketed them with the poorly-named Fryzen cooler. That aside, I'm a bit disappointed these (or their Frameless ones) don't come in 140mm; I have a case that...
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Launches Zephyrus Duo 15

    Ryzen version when?
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    ZADAK Enters Mainstream Cooling Market with the Launch of SPARK AIO 240 Liquid Cooler

    There are probably fewer heatsink manufacturers willing to allow rebranded heatsinks (compared to the time when liquid cooling used automotive parts and plenty of off-brand heatsinks were available), and Asetek probably tries to keep its lockdown strong by allowing "cheap" rebranding deals...
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    Distant Blips on the AMD Roadmap Surface: Rembrandt and Raphael

    I'm kind of impressed that the ARM-based K12 is still on the lists at all. It'd be quite interesting if AMD could put some focus there and see if they could break into the mobile/micro PC market with a powerful and efficient ARM-based CPU. Maybe even break the duopoly? in the mobile space and...
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    Twitch Exclusive New Game+ Plus Expo Announced Featuring SEGA & More

    I'd like a Valkyria Chronicles 5 announcement from them; though I understand that the odds are pretty slim given the niche genre. But yeah, PSO2 in English is most likely their grand announcement.
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    Original Xbox & Windows NT 3.5 Source Code Leaks Online

    I still have my OG Xbox and PS2, and still boot them up time to time to play some old classic games that I already own for those systems and haven't seen an emu or HD port of.
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    AMD Backpedals, Zen 3 Support Coming to B450 and X470

    In line with the drama to some extent, I expect that AMD will no longer guarantee more than 2 series (not necessarily generations) worth of CPUs per socket; any compatibility after is just because AMD was able to make it work and isn't because they promised. If a CPU is likely to need a slight...
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    Razer Announces the Opus Wireless Headphones with ANC

    I wonder how this will stack up to the Bose QC35 and Sony WH-1000XM3. Sure, neither appear to be THX certified, but I believe they have an app control that allows for a pseudo-theater feel when watching whatever on a tablet/phone.
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    GDP WIN Max Handheld Game Console Obliterates Indiegogo Funding Goal

    Did the company ever discuss why they chose to drop Ryzen instead of sticking with it? Their prototype originally ran with a Ryzen embedded APU. And ironically, a Ryzen 4000 Mobile APU would have probably been a much better choice, given how well they punch even in slim laptops with them.
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    TSMC Building a 5nm Fab in Arizona as the U.S. Government Gets Involved

    I have to wonder if it was also somewhat political with the choice being Arizona of all places, instead of say Oregon, like the Ex-Hynix Eugen factory (which was recently bought by a digital sign-making company but could have been the perfect facility to use as base), or Washington state, or...
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    Asetek Unveils Rad Card Industry's First Slot-In PCIe Radiator Card

    Reminds me of the ASUS 2080 Ti Matrix. It's effectively an AIO on top of a GPU. Odds are likely that ASUS could pushback on Asetek for copying such an idea, although if one digs into the details, Asetek has a tiny bit of wiggle room in that they can use their crappy pump combo mated to a similar...