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    EA Preparing Origin Launcher Overhaul

    So wait if I am a premium member and I am paying top dollar for the games , you give them the BETA to test ? Yeah not for me , no I am done with EA and my basic membership , would much rather just play there games on steam .
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    HyperX Adds New Predator DDR4 RGB and FURY DDR4 RGB Memory Modules up to 256GB

    Bluescreens for days , with that kit I tell you :D
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    LG's 48-inch OLED Gaming TV with G-SYNC Goes on Sale This Month

    As a Rtx 2080Ti owner and a 4k TV owner , I can honestly say anything over 4k 80hz is kinda a waste , so 4k 120 hz is nice but you wont get a modern 4k game near 120fps unless you go with lowest graphics and that kinda defies the point of 4k gaming in my mind. Older games most definitely !
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    G.SKILL DDR4 Memory Reaches Extreme Speeds with 10th Gen Intel Core Processors

    As a owner of 4000Mhz ram , to who ever goes higher enjoy the blue-screens my guy/girl :)
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    Xbox Series X 4K 60 FPS Frame Rate "Standard," not "Guaranteed"

    As a Rtx 2080ti owner , getting that 60 Fps in all area's of the game is tricky talent but I hope they pull it off everyone should be able to experience 4k at 60fps , if you can get more bonus as it looks way more incredible.
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    Aqua MOD

    Absolutely awesome case , just a question cant you move the CPU power cable to go through the slot in the top left instead of going over the mobo ? Then it will look super clean ? otherwise epic build !
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    PC Version of Red Dead Redemption 2 now Available for Pre-Order

    Hi there champ just move GTA 5 over to a NVME , go in to the single player first and from Single player just launch the online multiplayer its much faster that way ! hope it helps , works for my pc.
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    AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su Bestowed with GSA Exemplary Leadership Award

    There you go Intel, see if you keep your love life and work life apart you can actually excel in what you do :P Pun intended.
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    HaptX Announces Development Kit Release for Its Haptic Feedback VR Gloves

    Can anyone see the birth of the Oasis ? with these things :D
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    Valve Details Controller Usage on Steam, Xbox Controllers on Top

    I am just going to share my view , but once you play on a Xbox one controller you soon realize how much more ergonomic it is compared to 360. But still both are phenomenal in there own ways.
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    NVIDIA Announces Turing-based Quadro RTX 8000, Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 5000

    Note to the person that buys the above - Never ever feed it a apple .... as we all know what happened afterwards to Mister Turning.
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    Denuvo Responds to 4.8 Bypass with Updated 5.0 Protection

    I am going admit , these guys that crack Denuvo its a sport for them a challenge , I am also certian it is harder to find a torrent of a game with no DRM protection then it is to find one with DRM protection .
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    i5-8400, I read some mobo's can make it do full 4ghz and some 4,2ghz?

    Like I also said in my fist post I never played around on a Z370 mobo , so I dont know the tricks and magic to get that 4 ghz number and agian I speak from my understanding and feel free to correct me. But I feel the best way to get a solid answer is find a reviewer that tested this in depth...
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    i5-8400, I read some mobo's can make it do full 4ghz and some 4,2ghz?

    Hi there Lynx I myself never had the opportunity to work on a Z370 motherboard and should someone else have a more valid answer or suggestion please feel free to indicate so. SHORT ANSWER : Asus boards , not sure which one tough I beleive all of them LONG ANSWER : To my knowledge what you...