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  1. Phusius

    Can someone help me understand RAID 0, do you have the full amount of GB?

    I have seen on Alienware systems you can get 1.5 TB 3x 500GB SSD's in RAID 0... so do you have actually 1.5 TB of room? Or does it fill up faster so technically you only have 750gb?
  2. Phusius

    My coil whine is super loud on my 7950 at 1200 core but its 100% stable, worried...?

    Would I still get coil whine if I put this on it? ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid VGA Cooler - Newegg.com also, my temps are fine, never goes above 67 celsius, fans arent to loud on it either even at 100% but coil whine gets really loud and scares me at times.
  3. Phusius

    Any Steelseries Siberia V2 owners here? I am thinking of ordering a pair.

    On sale right now for $76 free ship no tax on Newegg. 11 5 star reviews out of 12 reviews. My panasonic headphones have been shorting out on me lately, I need something solid, with good soundstage. (will be using it for FPS games, and through my xonar dg)
  4. Phusius

    Windows Defender has a red X and says service has stopped, please help

    I have Malwarebytes Pro installed, so is it overriding Windows Defender??? I was under the impression these two programs worked well together... :confused:
  5. Phusius

    500gb Samsung 840 SSD $279.99 Newegg Dell Ultra monitor $199

    promo code EMCXTXM23 SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD500BW 2.5" 500GB SATA III... also dell ultrasharp 23" monitor is on sale for $199.99 EMCXTXM22 Dell UltraSharp U2312HM IPS-Panel Black 23" 8ms Sw...
  6. Phusius

    Where can I buy posters of games or PC Hardware for my bedroom?

    I need to get 5 posters to finish off my bedroom, and I want to buy some gaming posters and some PC hardware posters, like maybe a picture of a watercooled system or something like that... anyone know of any good websites that sell? i tried amazon and ebay it was a major fail sauce. and took...
  7. Phusius

    New Black Ops 2 maps at 1 PM EST today, anyone want to play with me?

    I am buying them at 1 PM if anyone wants to play with me just PM me, I don't have many black ops 2 friends.
  8. Phusius

    How do I get Windows 7 to install on a full 3 TB HDD?

    Everytime I try to install Windows 7 on my 3TB HDD it reads it as 2 TB and then 1TB as a separate drive, this is after I run Seagate Disk Wizard and reboot, in BIOS it shows it is a full single 3 TB partition when I install Windows 7 fresh. Motherboard is Asus Z68 Deluxe HDD is Seagate 3...
  9. Phusius

    TressFX by AMD has its first game: Tomb Raider link inside

    http://www.vg247.com/2013/02/26/amds-tressfx-hair-tech-unveiled-tomb-raider-used-as-demo/ I'm excited now xD but still uncertain will I be able to enable tressfx when i get tomb raider march 5th? :cool:
  10. Phusius

    Multiplayer gaming with two monitors, need some help.

    With my new monitor arriving in few days, I am left with an extra monitor, and I was trying to think of a use besides using it while building a computer. So I decided on a multiplayer solution, one computer and two monitors, the only problem is that some games cannot launch multiple copies...
  11. Phusius

    Windows 8 Update button disappeared after installing Msi Afterburner, img inside.

    it used to be right under homegroup... installed Msi afterburner and its now gone... anyone else have this issue?:cool:
  12. Phusius

    Can I play PC games in 3D on a 3D HDTV or does it have to be a 3D monitor specific?

    my Dad has this HDTV: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006ZH0M4Q/?tag=tec06d-20 can I just use a HDMI to play my games in 3D through PC?
  13. Phusius

    How come I can OC in CCC without voltage control and it is stable?

    I use Msi Afterburner to OC to 1200/1500 @ 1206 voltage 20% slider, 100% stable i click reset. gpu goes back to default everything, go into CCC and set it at 1200/1500 20% slider no voltage tweak since thats not an option through CCC and its also stable 100%... so confused...:confused:
  14. Phusius

    1440p owners, I need some help

    I got my Asus 1440p today, and it is nice and all, but even at 1200/1500 my 7950 can't run black ops 2 at 1440p with FoV at 90, on 1080p it was just fine with those clocks and everything, the fps drops down to 20 consistently then shoots back to 60, but it makes aiming a hell hole...
  15. Phusius

    What comes after Haswell? Are we ever going to get more powerful cpu's?

    Or is it going to continually be based on power efficiency and on-board graphics? If I am not mistaken Ivy Bridge barely outperforms Sandy and Sandy still outperforms Ivy in some areas... Haswell is said to be better onboard GPU and even better power efficiency, and it is a tock not a tick...
  16. Phusius

    Does my Sapphire 7950 at 1200/1400 beat a GTX 680 in performance?

    Assuming it's just stock GTX 680 speeds, no OC'ing done to the 680. Drivers 13.2 beta 4.... Just curious edit: does it beat a 7970 ghz edition as well at those speeds? assuming the 7970 ghz edition isnt OC'd?
  17. Phusius

    Infinity Blade free for one week in Apple Stores

    arguably the best ios game on the market. if you own a Apple product, get it. it's free, after this week it goe sback to $4.99 or $9.99 I forget which. http://www.vg247.com/2013/02/14/infinity-blade-free-for-a-week/
  18. Phusius

    Magic the Gathering clubhouse

    If this doesn't catch on, please feel free to delete the thread Administrators. I have been playing Magic Online for over 10 years now, and was just wanting to see if anyone here plays as well. I have around 5000 cards and hundreds of decks. If your interested in playing with me, my...
  19. Phusius

    Caviar Black 1TB FAEX model (the best one) $89.99 free ship newegg

    Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX Internal Hard... today only. i owned this one, and it is actually pretty quiet and super fast.
  20. Phusius

    Samsung SSD 840 250GB $149.99 free ship Newegg.

    EMCYTZT2903 promo code SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD250KW Solid State Drive ...
  21. Phusius

    I just won $600, anything on my PC need upgrading? Details inside.

    No do not say SSD, I am happy with my 3TB HDD, it boots win 8 in about 18 seconds, and loads games plenty fast, in fact I load up in BF3 and black ops 2 faster then most people. Anything else? I was considering a dual monitor setup, but how does that work exactly? Like let's say I want to...
  22. Phusius

    Crossfire 7950/7970 owners, is it stable?

    Thinking of buying a second 7950 since I can sell both free games for around $100 making total cost for another Sapphire 7950 $200 free ship no tax... Just worried about issues, most games will start up and run fine in Crossfire by now I assume? Are there any instances where I would need to...
  23. Phusius

    [FT] Giving away two Lifetime subscriptions to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Enter for detail

    I have two extra codes for Malwarebytes that I am giving away for free. Ends Thursday February 7th at 11pm EST. Must have made an account on or before January 10th 2013 and have at least 50 posts. Winners will be selected at random with a random roll 1-however many entries there are in World...
  24. Phusius

    How do I know if my cable is a SATA 3 cable?

    my new 1 TB HDD storage, are these speeds normal for a sata 3 HDD? or do I need a new SATA 3 cable? :confused: