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  1. Millennium

    Is windows 10 **Vanadium** 1909 actually out today? November 12th Patch Tuesday.

    (Build 18363.418) I am downloading and creating a uupdump ISO. I was expecting release today and holding off on a reinstall. Any news or tips? Is the uupdump ISO ok today? (uupdump will build the ISO this can be a little slow on a HDD or if you don't have a good net connection). My ISO is...
  2. Millennium

    Mixing sets of DDR4 on X470 / B350

    Hi there I have a set of 2 * 8 GB G.Skill FlareX memory I am running at the moment - it is 3200 MHz CL14 spec. It was really expensive stuff, cost me over £200, that was back in the day when a lot of Ryzen memory was expensive. These days kits are coming on the UK market for around £62...
  3. Millennium

    How to clean a Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard?

    Hi there I have a Corsair K90 Mechanical keyboard. The thing has been a bit of a 'mare (bad nightmare) with software updates on newer motherboards and USB support but I've updated it and it was working - until a spill. Hopefully, it just needs a good clean. Anyone experienced with cleaning a...
  4. Millennium

    Origin and Windows 8 - experiences?

    Hi there I had no problems at all, ever, with Origin on my Windows 7 install for over a year. Recently went to Windows 8, today decided to install Origin, had no end of problems. Found some very similar forum posts after a quick google but none of their solutions worked. I did fix this in...
  5. Millennium

    [WTB] [UK]Mechanical Keyboard

    In the market for one of these! Cherry MX Red or Blue 100% size with numpad USB rollover on at least WASD cluster Would be nice: 1000Hz Polling No Backlight Quality Cheap :) Thanks all! Also would love to know your reason to sell:toast:
  6. Millennium

    BF3 seems to be CPU limited?

    Hi there, I have a i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz, and a 5870 @ 900/1300 clocks . From the reviews I've seen, BF3 seems to be normally GPU limited with most decent CPUs not presenting any bottleneck. At least according to the benchmarks. However, I am not seeing this. I'm using latest patched BF3 (22nd...
  7. Millennium

    Seagate Barracuda Green 2*2tb Raid 0 HD Tach - nice

    Hi All I recently got two of these drives - Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB ST2000DL003 Hard Drive and set them up in Raid 0 with Intel RST (on a P67 mobo - using the P67 PCH) Obviously I put them on the Sata 6gbps ports - I don't have any other devices that can use them to their full potential...
  8. Millennium

    BFBC2 Tweaks (applies to other games)

    Hi all I thought my system was pretty well tweaked and setup. That is, until today. I was browsing the BFBC2 official forums and came across this thread. Examples of things I now know that I didn't before (and I'm not a newb at this): -HPET effect on system -how to reduce windows timer...
  9. Millennium

    CPUID HWMonitor - which is TCase

    I understand that I want to keep my TCase temperature lower then 72 degrees. But which of these temps is actually TCase? Couldn't find the answer with a quick google so coming here :) Thanks Millennium
  10. Millennium

    4 pin PWM fan splitter cable

    Hi there I just today got a PWM fan splitter cable off ebay. I have looked at it closely and it seems to split all 4 cables of the PWM spec and wire them all up in parallel to it's two sockets. When I was researching these cables I was lead to believe that the tach signal wire should only be...
  11. Millennium

    [WTB] [UK] PCI-Express sound card (a good value one!)

    [CLOSED] [UK] PCI-Express sound card (a good value one!) Update 10th July: My upgrade has been postponed since my CPU order fell through. So please keep me in mind if you have a sound card to offer but I'm putting this on hold for now. Sorry! Original post: Hi there I am going to...
  12. Millennium

    Gigabyte P55M UD4 mATX s1156 mobo

    hi there I have this mobo. I have a tip and a question :) Tip: Reviews I read said this mobo cannot select a multiplier higher then 20x in the bios, unlike other p55 motherboards. This is only partially correct. I found out recently if you enable turbo in the CPU features in the bios you...
  13. Millennium

    [HOWTO] Install latest Intel SATA drivers without installing full Rapid Storage Tech

    Hi All Recently noticed (after uninstalling RST bloatware) that I was running old 8.x drivers for my SATA controller. So today I fixed it, and here is how. Note that this will not be in depth instructions as I know TPU users are pretty tech savvy, but if you have any questions just post here...
  14. Millennium

    Secunia PSI - Checks for updates to all programs installed

    Hi all I'd consider myself a power user. I've been using windows since 3.11 and building PCs for 15 years. I try and keep my system as clean and clutter free as possible. CCleaner is my best friend. But here's a piece of software I think no user should be without (or at least try). Secunia...
  15. Millennium

    VPS / Dedicated host recommendations?

    Hi there A friend of mine needs a new VPS host in the USA after his old host changed to VPS cloud and the response times are not very good now. He has a number of sites he is hosting on a current VPS with the biggest site getting thousands of hits per day so fairly good bandwidth required...
  16. Millennium

    Spare dollars - what to buy?

    Hi all Not sure what section to put this in so it's here for now but mods feel free to move it. I am from the UK but currently in USA for a couple more months and it looks like I will have around $250 spare. Maybe $200-290 or something like that. The rates they give you for buy/sell dollars...
  17. Millennium

    Full HD not all shown LCD 32" tv

    Hi I have a hanspree Full HD st321mnb TV which I just bought. I plugged it into my PC with a DVI to HDMI adaptor. The PC has a GTS250 512Mb GFX card and was able to supply 1080p full hd fine to my monitor. When I plug in the TV and select Full HD I get a letterbox picture. I can't see the...
  18. Millennium

    SMART software

    Hi all Quick question... I have some 2.5" IDE hard drives here to test out (pretty sure they're all crap but still) - can anyone suggest some good software for checking out SMART status? RAW data is pretty useless to me. Thanks
  19. Millennium

    [WTB][EU] [UK ONLY] 2.5" IDE Laptop HD

    Hi all My first post in this section. I need an 80GB+ IDE hard drive for a laptop I'm sorting out for my aunt. Presumably older Xbox360 drives will be fine but I'll need the bare drive and I'm not 100% sure they are ok. They will need to be 100% with SMART I will check this so please...
  20. Millennium

    Optimize windows 7 wired internet performance?

    Hi all Came across this thread: http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/KillerForums/showthread.php?p=13870#post13870 I have downloaded the zip, uncompressed, and run the batch file. I did change the ping target from google.com to a more local (to my ISP) address first though. My browsing...
  21. Millennium

    Installed 8GB but only 4GB usable? P55? Read this

    I recently got a second 4GB corsair DDR3 kit (2*2gb) to go with my first. Shooting for 8gb, I booted up and it detected all the memory in windows but said 4gb was usable only. In performance monitor I had 4105MB of "Hardware reserved" memory that couldn't be used. Strangely the BIOS showed 4...
  22. Millennium

    Going to push the big red BUY button

    i3 530 or i7 950? Going with a H50 so which clocks better? Coupled with Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 and 4gb 1600 ram. I'm in the UK so where is cheapest. I do gaming, video and photo stuff. Dual or quad folks, what do you think? More to come! ps I'm hoping to buy on Monday
  23. Millennium

    4.2 ghz intel oc s775?

    Hi there I'm planning an upgrade to Intel and DDR2/3, currently I have 2.7Ghz AMD64 s939 and 1GB ddr333 ram. What's the cheapest way to get 4.3ghz with intel? S775? I think there is not much difference between ddr2 and ddr3 is this true? What's the best MB and CPU to achieve this? Need 2 phys...
  24. Millennium

    Post SP2 csrss.exe build request

    Hi all, I'm after a newer-then-SP2 build of csrss.exe, for curiosity's sake. Here's why; csrss.exe seems to have a high load in terms of context switches, and so I'd like to get a better build of it, hopefully something made by a more optimised compiler (i386, sure, but that code can...
  25. Millennium

    GEIL thermal paste (copper + silver)

    Hi there, When building my new system i saw that overclockers.co.uk had some cheap and good sounding thermal paste available too. After reading up on it i decided to get a cheap tube of it to try out. Ok this stuff is awesome. Just read the comments here if you dont believe me (that's...