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  1. dumo

    Gskill TridentZ 3600C17

    Gskill TZ 3600C17 M8G ROG M8 oc guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz2VRRbLPrZnTFBIeUlCYW5MZXc/view
  2. dumo

    [FS] Dell U2715H 27" 2560x1440

    All sold. Thank you
  3. dumo

    Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200C16 OC

    XMP settings @ 1.315V (1.35V default) 3000 C14 3200 C13 3300 C13 3100 C12 tights
  4. dumo

    Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666C15 8GB OC

    4X8GB double side DDR4 2666C15 XMP setting oc to 3000 @ 1.275V 3000 C13 tights 2800 C12
  5. dumo

    Gskill Ripjaw4 3200C16 OC

    XMP 3200 settings oc to 3333 3100 C12 tights 3200 C12
  6. dumo

    [WTB][US] 4930K with retail box

    Don't care with ocability as long as its good for 24/7 daily use Used cpu with retail box ship to NY. 10917 USPS Priority Payment by Paypal
  7. dumo

    Asus 290X Matrix Platinum overclocking

    h20 test
  8. dumo

    Asus GTX 780Ti Matrix Platinum overclocking

    Optional XCB board with connector to gpu @ 1370/2000 on stock air hsf
  9. dumo

    [FS] I7-4930K

    Sold Thank you
  10. dumo

    [FS] I7-4930k (2x)

    All sold Thank you
  11. dumo

    [FS] I7-4770k

    Sold. Thank you
  12. dumo

    [FS] 4770K/GTX 580 Matrix/Maximus VI Hero barebones

    No longer f/s Thanks
  13. dumo

    [FS] Corsair Dominator Plat. 2800 C11 4X4GB

    Sold Heat: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=33511
  14. dumo

    Gskill TridentX 2933 - F3-2933C12D-8GTXDG

    Quick tests Retail I7 4770K on SS cooling -20C Asus M6E with 0006(2) bios 2X4GB air 3252 @ 1.65V 3544 @ 1.775V Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. dumo

    [FS] I7 3770k

    All Sold Thank you.
  16. dumo

    Corsair Vengeance Extreme 3000

    Corsair Blog: Vengeance Extreme 3000MHz setup and overclocking results Corsair Vengeance Extreme 3000MHz DDR3 memory: beh... Quick test 3000 1.65V MVE bios 0021 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  17. dumo

    [FS] DDR3 ram kits

    G.Skill F3-2666C10D-8GTXD 2X4GB Samsung HYK0 $140 shipped con. USA 2800+ C9 with 2800+able imc cpu Corsair Dominator Platinum CMD8GX3M2A2133C9 2X4GB Samsung-D SOLD Team Xtreem LV TXD38G2666HC11CDC01 2X4GB Hynix MFR single sided $70 shipped con. USA 2950+ C11 with 2933+able...
  18. dumo

    [FS] Asrock Z77 OC Formula/Corsair 2133 C9 2X4GB/I7 3770K

    All sold Thank you Heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=33511
  19. dumo

    [FS] I7 3770k

    Sold. Thank you.
  20. dumo

    [FS] SSD and ram kits

    BNIB Corsair Force Series3 60GB opened for pic. $60 shipped con USA New 2X2GB Gskill DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9-24 1.5V - F3-12800CL9S-2GBNT $24 shipped New 3X2GB Kingston low profile dimms KVR1333D3N9K2 $40 shipped Uploaded with ImageShack.us Heat...
  21. dumo

    Corsair Dominator Platinum 2800 C11

    CMD16GX3M4A2800C11 - 4x4GB with Airflow fan 2800Mhz 11-14-14-35 - 1.65V - ver. 5.12
  22. dumo

    [FS] DDR3 ram kits

    All kits tested and binned from retail samples, early batches good overclocker with decent Voltages - Gskill Eco 2X2GB 1333 cas7 ** $45 shipped conUSA - Patriot ViperII Sector5 2X2GB 2133 cas9 ** $100 shipped conUSA - Corsair Dommies 2X4GB 2666 cas11 ** $170 shipped conUSA Heres the...
  23. dumo

    Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666 C10&C11

    CMD16GX3M4A2666C10 CMD16GX3M4A2666C11 C10@2800-10-12-12-21 - 1.695V C11@2800-11-13-12-28 - 1.65V
  24. dumo

    [FS] MVF/Gskill TridentX 2666/WD VRaptor

    All Sold. Thank you. Heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=33511