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  1. Mistral

    HDMI sound clipping on idle, 6950 + Yamaha V475

    I'm having a truly annoying issue. I swapped the 5850 in my htpc for a 6950... Uninstalled the old drivers before installing the newer card, all the usual stuff you try to do cleanly when you upgrade. With the 5850, everything was perfect. With the 6950, the speaker configuration lights that...
  2. Mistral

    The 6950 overclocking limit thread

    The 6950 is here, offering interesting performance and price point, which will likely make it quite the popular card. As W1zzard's review pointed out, the overclocking limits for the 6950, especially the one on the memory, in CCC are a bit on the low side. Lets post in this thread any...
  3. Mistral

    Sound Card Advice - Forte or Bravura?

    At the moment I have the amazing ALC889A HD on my mobo, with Logitech 5300s plugged to it. While I find this satisfactory, I'm looking to step up. Gaming to movie ratio is about 50/50. Contenders: - Auzen Forte - I've heard good things about it, and it has the CA20k2 - Auzen Bravura - new...
  4. Mistral

    Crysis Warhead 1080p at anything else than 24Hz?

    Has any of you guys and gals been successful in running Crysis Warhead on a 1080p TV via HDMI at anything else than 24Hz? The moment I start the game the 5850 seems to think that 1080p24Hz is a must and nothing I try can seem to dissuade it... :banghead:
  5. Mistral

    5850 - hdmi, refresh rate and overscan woes

    Just got a 5850 and as awesome of a video card it is, there are some annoying problems that from what I understand plague quite a few users. HDMI connection to a TV (Toshi 525 in my case)... First, I went through all the hoops to solve the overscan problem caused by the driver's default...
  6. Mistral

    CPU or MB - what died?

    So, a few days ago I clicked "Sleep" in Vista by accident. The PC obediently complied and went to sleep mode. I clicked almost immediately after to wake it up. Instead, my PC kept restarting. The PSU had died – so I got a new one. Now when I start the PC I get no POST screen. Fans and drives...
  7. Mistral

    Gigabyte 4850 Zalman - VRM cooling?

    I just got this not-quite-reference 4850. There's no cooling on the VRM whatsoever. I know they wouldn't make it that way if it wasn't "safe" but should I try adding some, provided that I plan to OC it a bit? NOt that I`m quite clear on how to do it the way the elements are placed. Any ideas?
  8. Mistral

    Bios mods for Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic Dual?

    Let this thread be for everyone with the Palit HD 4870 Sonic Dual card. I see that the bios for it is not yet in the database here, so for starters I'd like to ask if anyone who has the card has had success applying The 4870 "2D Low", GPU voltage/Memory clock rate Bios Thread to it?
  9. Mistral

    Is 4x1GB RAM at t1 possible on a 939

    Just a quick question that google doesn't seem to yield the answer for: are any socket 939 CPU's that can run t1 with RAM in all 4 slots? Not that t2 seems to have that much of an impact when you try to run games at 1680x1050, but if anyone knows it'll be greatly appreciated.