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    Presenting NextPowerUp

    Good luck with the new venture! Sounds very promising.
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    Gigabyte Thunderbolt Desktop PC Motherboards First to Support 4K Resolution Displays

    http://www.vesa.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ICCE-Presentation-on-VESA-DisplayPort.pdf Display port 1.2 specification should be capable of • Resolution (up to 4K x 2K at 60 FPS and 24 bpp) • Refresh rate (up to 240 FPS for 1080p at 24 bpp) • Color Depth (up to 48 bpp, even at 2560 x 1600 at...
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    Leading AMD AIB Partners Avoiding "Tahiti LE"?

    How fast is a 7870 LE GTX OC Green edition? Better or worse than 7970 or 7950 or 7870 or 7850? Exactly. QED
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    Best memory benchmarks... 64bit

    I just tried PC Wizard. The interface is a mess, and the graphic results have poorly scaled axis... when you compare results, it changes the x scale so visually you cannot compare. The DX test sucks also. Not like. TODAY ONLY $10 off AIDA64. Note it is NOT half price as shown, since the...
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    Leading AMD AIB Partners Avoiding "Tahiti LE"?

    Too many GPU derivatives - especially with LE monikers which do what? exactly to the specs? - creates too much confusion in the market. Buyers DO NOT WANT to play lucky dip bingo.
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    I-O Data Intros WiFi-enabled Card Reader

    I think this would work better as a wireless CLIENT, with an app for the phone devices to connect to it. To make it a ROUTER means disconnecting from your main network/wifi/internet connection to connect to this thing. Then you have to connect back again once you have looked and transferred...
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    Samsung to Unveil 4+4 Core big.LITTLE Processor in 2013

    Which PR "guru" thinks up this nonsense! IMO, this architecture makes no sense. What a waste of silicon real estate. And the complexity of schedule and CPU management is going to take overhead and will never be optimal. The smart thing to do would be to have the A15 cores drop from 1.8Ghz to...
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    Iiyama Announces ProLite T2234MC 21.5-inch Multi-Touch Monitor

    Multitouch is getting in the way of higher resolution. Shame. Anyhow, this screen seems to have a rock solid stand... important for touch screens.
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    Club 3D Ships the GeForce GTX 670 royalQueen and GTX 660 Ti royalQueen Graphics Cards

    ... then I'll wait for the Ace of Spades edition. It will be better.
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    Advice on buying a new sound card

    If you are serious about driving professional headphones, then a regular "consumer" soundcard won't cut the mustard, unless it has a separate and decent analogue amp section - which can be quite costly to implement. This card might be a gimmick, but it has the right visual features... earthed...
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    Lenovo Unveils ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook with Windows 8

    This is a very odd press shot. Can't really make much out except FULL SIZED CURSOR KEYS. Good stuff. I do wish they would have a regular top-end trackpad rather than that multi-button+nipple controller. However, x 900 is rather poor for a top-end 14"-er. I guess "multitouch" is an opportunity...
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    SOL REPUBLIC Introduces the Tracks HD Anthem Headphones

    Pictures of naked men sell headphone products, I guess. Not sure if it is a "spot the photoshop nose job competition" Original nose Does anyone agree with me that HIS GIRLFRIEND would be better at selling naked headphones?
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    AOC Launches the e2460Phu and m2460Phu Business-Grade Monitors

    The Marketing department :laugh:
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    AOC Launches the e2460Phu and m2460Phu Business-Grade Monitors

    They look nice. Would be so much better with a higher resolution. Especially in a 24 format. "Business" specification at 20-21" has been 1600x1200, 18-19" was 1280x1024. At 24" I would have expected 1440 in the y, not 1080. 1080 seems such a downgrade over 1200 and a sidegrade for 1024.
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    Leaked Slides Reveal Details on Intel Atom 'Bay Trail-T' Platform

    Atom Desktop can do 64 bit Atom Mobile can't
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    Electronics danger

    CAREFUL when working on live equipment. Especially using things like probes and voltmeters where inadvertent holding of the unsheathed part of the probe means YOU can be the short circuit from one side to the other... across your heart. ALWAYS when working on live equipment use at least one...
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    ASUS VivoBook U38DT Ultrabook Pops Up with Radeon HD 8550M Graphics

    Today, I use my wife's laptop, also with reduced sized cursor keys. Working in Excel was a complete PITA. Why are some manufacturers shrinking the cursors like that? It's a very Apple thing to do :shadedshu No need for such a big shift or caps lock or tab key. These are RARELY used. Much less...
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    Samsung Offering Free Far Cry 3 with 250 GB Samsung 840 SSD for Black Friday

    Thanks. Was fence sitting between 840 and Intel or Corsair models. Caution makes it a bit easier to choose now.
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    Leaked Slides Reveal Details on Intel Atom 'Bay Trail-T' Platform

    Intel needs to bring OoO Atom to the market already. Atom is a lackluster boring underperformer. And they just CUT the best Atom they had... the D2700 because they priced it too high / performance. LOL WUT? 32-bit only OS coverage? For 2014/2015/2016?!! (based on 3 years average...
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    TechPowerUp and Noctua Present Facebook Giveaway

    Hey, let people have opinions, for and against. So long as we keep it civil. BTW, demanding "likes" in the EU is a legal minefield when it comes to "giveaways". Quick read here if you want http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/social-media-promotions-and-the-law-what-you-need-to-know/ or...
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    Samsung Offering Free Far Cry 3 with 250 GB Samsung 840 SSD for Black Friday

    Nice offer. Want same offer in EU please.
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    TechPowerUp and Noctua Present Facebook Giveaway

    IMO, having facebook only giveaways is like having one of these on your face. Facebook is the new facecrab. Man + crowbar = no facecrab. I will not let a headcrab enter my room. I will not let facebook enter my room.
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    MS Surface 32GB = 16GB

    I think it is a valid discussion. The iPad's iOS, a relevant comparative, IRC uses about 2GB for iOS and scratchspace. So if you buy the 16GB or 32GB you get about 14GB or 30GB of usable space or thereabouts. It is approximately the advertised storage space. Let's use the 80:20 rule and allow...
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    Giveaway: RACE 07

    I think 24 hours is too short. People do go away at the weekends and do other stuff like outdoor activities away from their PC's and/or steam accounts. Can I ask for a change in rules to be more "human" in the deadlines? Give people at least 3 days! Or am I being unreasonable?