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  1. Upgrayedd

    [WTB][US] Webcam for Grandmother

    Looking for a webcam my grandmother can use to video chat my family with. B&H says expected back in stock in June. My family has been doing video chats every Sunday and my Grandmother has no camera. They were planning on buying her a laptop just so she could video chat with everyone. I want to...
  2. Upgrayedd

    Keeping CPU at max boost for specific application

    Hello, I have been searching for a way to keep a certain application running at the max CPU frequency without throttling down because the load is not enough. Something similar to Nvidia's options where you can select certain application profiles to "Prefer Maximum Performance". Don't really...
  3. Upgrayedd

    Do CPUs get partially disabled like a GPU?

    for example some GPUs are partially disabled resulting is less performance from the same die like how the RTX 2070 Super is a gimped version of the fully enabled 2080 Super made from the same dies. I am wanting to figure out which recent CPUs are fully enabled and if there any that are...
  4. Upgrayedd

    [FS/FT][US] 2x EVGA 980 Ti Classified and 1x EVGA GTX 970 SC

    The short Shipping within US Smoke-free environment and well ventilated case All items working condition Paypal All original boxes Never mined on Heat (1-0-0) Got to start somewhere Only trade I'm interested in is a RTX 2070 Specifics 970 SC - $125 $115 shipped - Has a modified BIOS...
  5. Upgrayedd

    Help with bypassing Google Fiber Network Box+TV

    Anyone ever done this? Tired of this awful wifi and would like to see if I cant get a little better performance out of a real router. I found a few pieces of info about bypassing without TV but with TV seems a bit harder. The stuff I did find about TV was kind of old and missing some...
  6. Upgrayedd

    Have a HDD problem. Failed?

    So I have my grandmother's PC because it seems like the drive is done. I just need some feedback on what might be happening. I put the drive into my PC to see if the BIOS would read it, nah it doesn't. As the PC posts I could hear the drive giving periodic noises. The drive does not appear...
  7. Upgrayedd

    Need some help converting an image

    I am trying to convert a .CR2 image into something my school website will recognize. Everytime I use one of these online converters it puts a pink/magenta filter over the entire image. I can't get a clean conversion. I took the image with a Canon EOS Rebel T6i in RAW format. On the card it says...
  8. Upgrayedd

    Want to RAID 0 my 850 Pro

    I have a 512GB 850Pro that currently holds only games. I want to put more of my games on it but am running out of room. I have the opportunity to buy the same 512GB drives for $90 a piece. I'm already using 5 sata ports, would like to keep it on Intel chipset for best performance right...
  9. Upgrayedd

    GPU applied Kyronaut now 3C hotter..

    I replaced the TIM on my EVGA GTX 970 SC and the stock paste looked pretty dry. I was sitting in the PUBG idle screen getting up to 73C with the old stock TIM lately. I thought it was probably time to change it and I might see a small drop. My optimistic guess was going to be 69C but after I...
  10. Upgrayedd

    Soo wtf do I do with this? Gifted something...

    Someone dropped this off on my porch today. They asked me to look at it and tell them what I think. I was given a IBM 2875-NAS. It has 4 PSUs. 8x1TB HDDs and what I think are two blades? I don't really know shit about server/enterprise hardware. I think 6 HDDs are Hitachi and 2 are Toshiba. I...
  11. Upgrayedd

    Thinking about SLI GTX 970s

    I have a 970 right now. It does pretty good in most games with decent settings but I'm getting tired of dialing back options and trying to find the sweetspot in games to get the most out of my card while keeping 60fps. I often find myself either on the very edge, 90% usage and higher while...
  12. Upgrayedd

    [WTB][US] LGA 1155 Motherboard for Non-K CPU

    I am searching for a motherboard for an i5-3570 non-k CPU. I'd rather check here first than the thriftybay. Thanks.
  13. Upgrayedd

    ASUS Strix 1080

    Thinking about going to buy this - https://kansascity.craigslist.org/sop/6154442344.html I cannot tell which model it is though. I asked them if it was the 11Gbps model and all they said was "close with cash?"... they only want $300 though for a 1080
  14. Upgrayedd

    GPU getting downclocked?

    I crunch/fold same time. 4790k stock. GTX 970 1442MHz. During folding my GPU will go from 1442MHz to 1164MHz but the load is the same. Why is my GPU downclocking? All my OC settings are BIOS modded so I only use afterburner for a fan profile. The temps are better when downclocked but it seems...
  15. Upgrayedd

    I want to join but don't know how

    Hey everyone, I want to help fold/crunch, whichever one is for cancer. I used to do Folding@Home ages ago on my ps3 when I still used it. I read through a little bit of the forums but could not find where to sing up, I am really tired. I would like some guidance on where to sign up. Links...
  16. Upgrayedd

    Need some help. Old HDD. New laptop.

    I have a new laptop, some asus with an AMD A8 apu. My old pc pooped out but the HDD is still good, tested in a different PC. I would like to either be able to boot from that old HDD to my laptop. are there any docking stations capable of this? Im pretty sure the laptop has USB Type C. Or is...
  17. Upgrayedd

    Sytem unresponsive upon wake up

    So, I have my CPU at stock speeds. The GPU is stock speeds. RAM is XMP enabled. Win 8.1 on a SanDisk 128GB SSD. When I leave the system idle for a number of hours and I come back to wake it up, it might respond for a moment, let me click on one thing. But it soon completely freezes. The system...
  18. Upgrayedd

    Win 8.1 Kaspersky HEAVY memory usage.

    Hello. My system is i7-4790K, 120GB SSD, 512GB SSD, 3TB HDD, GTX 970, ASUS HERO VII, 2X8GB G. Skill Trident X 2133MHz. In resource monitor it shows over 12GB of memory being used in idle. please someone help me with this problem. I've taken a screen shot but when I click "upload a file" on...
  19. Upgrayedd

    Brack Friday build

    Hello all, I plan on buying parts on the Black friday/cyber monday weekend. my budget is right around 3K but less is better. I would need everything such as an OS, monitor, K/M, headphones. I do live close to a Microcenter, last year they had i7-4770K for $250 and i5s for $150. Currently...
  20. Upgrayedd

    ROG motherboard differences

    I have an audio question I'd like to ask . "What is the difference between the audio jacks on the ROG ATX series compared to the smaller mATX and ITX." mATX- http://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VII_GENE/gallery/ ATX - http://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VII_HERO/gallery/ What...
  21. Upgrayedd

    Mini ITX chassis choices.

    Hello, I plan to build a gaming PC around Nov/Dec. I want a good case with decent storage options, preferably a window or one that would make an easy one to mod a window. I would be overclocking an i5 or i7 and the GPU. I would prefer a case where the PSU is NOT mounted inside the case where...
  22. Upgrayedd

    A few questions about multi-gpu setups.

    Can you have a 770 as your main card and lets say a 760 dedicated to PhysX or MSAA?
  23. Upgrayedd

    Help me choose a new TV

    Hey TPU members, I need in deciding which TV I should buy. I would like a TV 42in or smaller with as many features as possible. I was looking at this LG 42in TV - http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-42LB6300-led-tv This Panasonic 39in - http://shop.panasonic.com/shop/model/TC-39AS530U It will...