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  1. Bansaku

    US Aims to Bring Chip Manufacturing Industry Back to Its Soil

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...... cough... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...
  2. Bansaku

    In Wake of Intel's 7nm Woes, AMD's Price per Stock Vaults Over the Blue Giant

    " A first in many years for the green company. " What does NVIDIA have to do with this article? Seriously, AMD has been advertising themselves as " Team Red " for years! :p
  3. Bansaku

    LaCie Announces 1big Dock SSD Pro And 1big Dock Storage Solutions

    Anyone else misread the headline?! :roll:
  4. Bansaku

    AMD Ryzen 5 4400G Desktop "Renoir" 6-core APU Put Through 3DMark11

    Let's not jump the gun here, and I quote from your source: " The iGPU appears to come with eight Vega Compute Units (CUs) clocked at 2,100 MHz. Although not confirmed yet, this configuration would be a step backward in terms of CUs. " Key words here being appears and not confirmed. I have no...
  5. Bansaku

    Realtek Modded Audio Driver for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (DCH-UAD Version)

    @Alan Finote I got things to work since my last post (finally). I followed the last Spoiler: IF NO EFFECTS ARE WORKING and all is good. I once again have Dolby Digital 5.1 surround while playing games! Many thanks!! :rockout:
  6. Bansaku

    Realtek Modded Audio Driver for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (DCH-UAD Version)

    After a fresh install of Windows and installing the latest driver version I still only get 2-channel audio when DTS/DDL is selected. Here are my steps: Uninstalled Reraltek drivers with DDU Started installer Installed aaf optimus bus driver when asked Checked off Realtek with DTS/DDL Check off...
  7. Bansaku

    Realtek Modded Audio Driver for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (DCH-UAD Version)

    Believe me, I tried them ALL! GTA V, Forza Horizons 4, MCC, Ori, Street Fighter V, Saints Row the 3rd remastered, Far Cry 5, Street of Rage 4, Soul Caliber etc etc. While me receiver says Dolby Digital (or DTS) and showing a 5.1 connection (as normal) only the left/right channels work. On my old...
  8. Bansaku

    Realtek Modded Audio Driver for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (DCH-UAD Version)

    First off, big thanks to @Alan Finote! My hat's off to you good sir for your great work! My new mobo lacks DD Live and I would very much like for it to work properly again. I have been trying to get DD/DTS to properly work for a while now with little success. On a fresh install of Windows...
  9. Bansaku

    Huawei Ready to Enter PC Industry with Custom OS and Processor

    It will never be sold outside of China
  10. Bansaku

    CORSAIR Agrees to Acquire SCUF Gaming, Adding Premium Gaming Controllers to its Portfolio

    Well, the only thing left for Corsair to conquer the PC world is motherboards and monitors. :cool:
  11. Bansaku

    Will the RGB madness ever end?

    I can understand companies wanting to reduce cost by implementing an AIO solution. Instead of making a blue LED fan, and a red LED fan etc etc they can simply make one fan to rule them all! However, LEDs are dirt cheap, and I find it bad form that these companies are milking the public with high...
  12. Bansaku

    ARM Revokes Huawei's Chip IP Licence

    They don't care. I am sure they already have copy all the ins and outs of ARM's tech.
  13. Bansaku

    8Pack Launches The ORION X2 - A Dual System Featuring Three RTX TITANS for a Measly £32,999.99

    Whoever buys one of these monstrosities has more money than sense.
  14. Bansaku

    Denuvo 5.6, Used in Both Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn, Cracked in Five Days; UWP for Crackdown 3 Bypassed

    The torrent downloads of the cracked games and the potential loss of profit (which is BS because they lose nothing) is probably dwarfed by the licensing fees for these so called anti-crack technologies. :rockout:
  15. Bansaku

    Metro Exodus Packaging Appears, Steam Logo Simply Hidden Under A Sticker

    I did my part and am currently torrenting the game. I probably won't play it for more than an hour, in fact I wasn't even planning on playing it at all, but I have my principals and am simply taking the advice of the whiney dev. :cool:
  16. Bansaku

    Softbank Dumps its Entire NVIDIA Stock Worth $3.6 Billion

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: :rockout::rockout::rockout::rockout:
  17. Bansaku

    EA Stocks Dive 13% With Disappointing Battlefield V Sales, Mobile Revenue

    Get woke go broke! Give us games that WE WANT TO PLAY, free of loot boxes and the pay-to-win attitude! This is a no-brainer EA. Long gone are the days of Dr. J vs Larry Bird...
  18. Bansaku

    Intel Officially Sinks the Itanic, Future of IA-64 Architecture Uncertain

    Wow, I had completely forgotten about Itanic, much like the industry! :p
  19. Bansaku

    Anthem VIP Demo Benchmarked on all GeForce RTX & Vega Cards

    So where are the GTX 1080 and 1080Ti benchmarks?! Fail...
  20. Bansaku

    Fortnite is Being used as a Money Laundering Venue

    LMAO This is news how? The FBI and RCMP have both stated that there is HUGE amounts of money laundering through online games. Started with Everquest...
  21. Bansaku

    EVGA NU Audio Sound Card Unboxing & Preview

    ... stick to what you know EVGA. There are FAR better AMP/DAC's out there for a fraction of the price. And besides, who plugs their cans into the back of their PCs? Certainly not audiophiles (like ANY would actually buy this overpriced over engineered antiquated product).
  22. Bansaku

    Creative E-MU Unveils Audiophile Headphones with User-replaceable Wood Enclosures

    MassDrop have been offering these for years. Now Creative decides to put their "official" branding on them and sell them as a new product? I wonder how much of a markup these will have over what is offered from MassDrop?
  23. Bansaku

    Creative to Launch Audiophile-grade Sound Card: Sound BlasterX AE-9

    " At $300 a pop, these will pack serious hardware for audiophiles. " At $300 a pop true audiophiles will only laugh at the lunacy Creative put forth! Speaking of which: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...cough...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... :rockout:
  24. Bansaku

    GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce Motherboard Launched

    " This board could be sold at a $100-150 premium over the $550 original. " And that's USD.... hold on a sec while I grab my wallet eh! :p
  25. Bansaku

    State of Surround Sound Gaming (5.1/7.1) and its downfall. 1990-2006

    There is a reason 2.1 systems and headphones are becoming king. With today's audio engineering in games, there really is no need for a dedicated multi-channel audio set-up. All you need is a GOOD set of speakers and/or headphones and you are set. I can't stress GOOD enough because that's the...