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  1. jellyrole

    Gaming and Plex?

    I'm about to upgrade my computer and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go. I currently have 2 machines, one for Plex and one for gaming. I usually have 2-4 Plex streams going at the same time and I'm currently running an i7 2600. Would I notice a dip in gaming if I assigned specific...
  2. jellyrole

    Motherboard water blocks without water?

    I have a Rampage IV Extreme Black edition with the 2 blocks on the motherboard - will the blocks cool the components enough to run the system without water?
  3. jellyrole

    [WTB] White DDR3 Quad Kit(4 sticks)

    I have an X79 motherboard that has 8 memory slots. I'd like to fill the last 4 with some RAM that has a white heatsink and it takes DDR3. I'll consider any speed/capacity options.
  4. jellyrole

    Gaming/Plex Rig

    I currently have 2 builds: 4930k for gaming/work: Photoshop, web development and FPS gaming i7 2600 for Plex(anywhere from 2-12 streams running mostly direct stream) - I need more CPU I've almost decided on the Threadripper 2950x, is there anything else I should consider?
  5. jellyrole

    RAID Controller Advice needed BADLY

    Hey guys, I'm building a Plex server with an old rig I had in the closet. i7(don't remember what but doesn't matter) 16GB RAM 240gb SSD for OS 4x 8TB 256MB cache red drives for media storage So what I decided on was running these drives in RAID for the speed benefits and the redundancy. I...
  6. jellyrole

    I screwed up this page, need some HTML help!

    I seem to have broken the page and can't figure out where I went wrong. Look at the last content section that's not centered and the footer. Any suggestions on fixing this?
  7. jellyrole

    Help an old member out

    I haven't been around for quite some time but I'm sure some of you remember me. Here's my situation. I have a rig with a 3970k@4.5, a 780ti and a 660ti. Whats the best way to get the most points out of these things per day?
  8. jellyrole

    Power Supply Cable Question

    I'm currently sleeving all my cables with MDPC-x sleeving. I have a PCIE 6+2 6+2 cable and was wondering if I could cut it down to just a single 6+2 connector.
  9. jellyrole

    5.1 or 7.1 headset

    Which one should I get? I got the Sennheiser G4MR ZERO headset and it sounds like crap to me..it just doesn't have the depth that I'd like...so that's why I'm here..I like to listen to music and play games and I'm looking for a nice and full sounding headset that has a mic on it as well. I'm...
  10. jellyrole

    Midnight Ascension

    I've recently decided to build a new and very bad ass computer. The specs are as follows: Intel Core i7 4930K ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition Mushkin 16GB Black Line ASUS GTX780 Ti Corsair AX860 Platinum PSU Mountain Mods Ascension Case Water Cooling for the CPU and MOBO More to come soon..
  11. jellyrole

    White LED Fans Anyone?

    Hey guys, I'm back after quite a while of being away from the game! I'm building a sweet new rig with a Mountain Mods case and I'm going for a white and black theme. With that being said, I need to find some fans with good performance and either white or clear fan blades and white LED's...
  12. jellyrole

    6850CF vs GTX480

    I'm upgrading my GPU and was wondering what route you guys think I should go with. I game at 1920x1200 and play a ton of different games. Heat/power are not a factor. I can trade my GTX550 Ti for 2x 6850's + I pay $120 or I can get a GTX480 for $125 and keep/sell my GTX550.
  13. jellyrole

    Something's wrong..

    After I turn on my computer, the my monitor goes black after about a minute or so of being on. Is does this in BIOS, in Windows and everything else in between and I can't figure out what's causing it.
  14. jellyrole

    Budget Gaming Rig

    Hey guys! I've been out of the loop for a while now and one of my friends asked me if I could build a rig for $500 bucks to play games. He has all the accessories like mouse, keyboard, monitor and all that so I'm just looking for the core components. I will be overclocking the components of this...
  15. jellyrole

    RAID=Instant BSOD

    I have windows 7 x64 installed on my agility 2 and then I went to setup myb2 1tb drives in raid 0. After setting up the array in BIOS, windows crashes before the logon screen. I even set my oc back to default.
  16. jellyrole

    [FS][US] Duniek's ASUS P6T7 Full Cover Water Block

    $90 Shipped OBO - PayPal only
  17. jellyrole

    HD5870 Overclocking Results

    I've been running this for 2 days now and the temperature you see is with f@h running.
  18. jellyrole

    Game night?

    I was just wondering if there was already like a TPU game night or something where TPU members play games together. If there isn't would some of you be interested in doing something like this maybe 1 night a week?
  19. jellyrole

    Who sent me a PM about a LAN!??!!?!

    I had to clean out my PM's and accidentally deleted before responding and I can't remember who that was. I would like to go to the LAN in Omaha!
  20. jellyrole

    [FS][US] OCZ Vertex SSD & Corsair 6GB DDR3-1600 RAM

    I am selling an OCZ Vertex SSD that I got in a trade and a RAM kit that I used temporarily when my other set died. Corsair 6GB XMS3 RAM - CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3... $60 - Shipped
  21. jellyrole


    What's with the difference between Core 0 and Core 3's temps?
  22. jellyrole

    [FS][US] Razer Carcharias Headset

    Headset traded for ocz vertex ssd!
  23. jellyrole

    [WTB] Mortal Kombat PS2 Games

    Title says it all, I don't have any of them so send me a PM with what you have!
  24. jellyrole

    Which 1TB for RAID?

    I'm looking to RAID 2 1TB hard drives to have 2TB to store files and also a bit faster speeds, is that possible? If not, speed is the focus. Which drives should I get?