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  1. GoldenX

    Any 1030 review?

    What the title says. I would like to know power consumption, performance compared to the low end AMD GCN cards, Intel IGPs, APU IGPs and older low end Nvdia cards. But I haven't found a single review of the card, as if it wasn't released. Do you know if TPU will have one? Why is that? There...
  2. GoldenX

    Some help with locked APU overclock

    Hi, due to needing money I sold my Phenom II 980, so now I have an A4-4000. I really miss my quad... It's overclocked to 136MHz base clock (the max. allowed in bios) and the max. multiplier allowed for the CPU-NB and RAM (14x and 13,333x respectively); the cpu is using it's turbo multiplier of...
  3. GoldenX

    GDDR5 OC performance scaling

    I was testing how performance scales when tweaking the memory clock on my HD7750. The test used is Shader Particles from 3DMark06, since is bandwith limited. I remember that it was said the GDDR5 chips have some kind of error correction, and overclocking too much can affect performance, so I...
  4. GoldenX

    <75w GPUs are dying?

    Have you noticed how rare are GPUs with good performance but without PCI-e power connectors? I mean, the only ones are the 750ti and a R7-250 or HD7750, all of them are pretty old. In the past an HD5670, a 7600GT, a 6600 could fare a lot better with games of that time than today's options. What...
  5. GoldenX

    Mobile main site

    Is the main site always using the mobile version on Android devices? On my 7 inch 1024x600 tablet I can't make it keep the desktop version. I'm using Chrome by the way.
  6. GoldenX

    Can't run 3DMark API Overhead in DX12 mode

    As the title say, the GPU is a HD7750 (GCN 1.0), running over the 15.9.1 beta drivers. DXDiag shows up to 11.1. The OS is Windows 10, build 10240, updated from the Insider Preview. Maybe I just need a fresh install?