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  1. ZoneDymo

    Huawei 24-Core 7 nm Kunpeng CPU Reportedly Beats Intel Core i9-9900K

    My car beats the Intel Core I9 10900k at transporting me somewhere.
  2. ZoneDymo

    Intel Optane Persistent Memory DAOS Solution Sets New World Record

    no, it has to remain hard to.... .... ................. Optane
  3. ZoneDymo

    AOC Releases New 34" CU34G2X Curved Frameless QHD Gaming Monitor

    idk, I dont like the issues that it brings with older games not supporting the aspect ratio.
  4. ZoneDymo

    Angry Miao Releases CYBERBOARD, First Mechanical Keyboard with Custom LED Panel on Indiegogo

    Not sure what to do with the LED top, but atleast it looks funky. Im still waiting for a company to pick up the G15/17/19 idea from Logitech but instead of including a screen it includes are docking station for your mobile phone and an app that allows the phone to charge and be the information...
  5. ZoneDymo

    Thermaltake Intros TG-30 and TG-50 Thermal Compounds with Honeycomb Pattern Stencil Applicators

    what kinda of stupid crap is that...yeah lets just waste thermalpaste to get some design application that we then squash and cover with a cooler... are they actually going to claim this improves thermals? and believe others will believe that? honestly if this sells to even 1 person in the...
  6. ZoneDymo

    NVIDIA Starts Ampere Marketing With #Ultimatecountdown

    not interesting until competition gets around and hte prices are not just what Nvidia wants you to pay (and apperently quite a few of you are baffelingly willing to do).
  7. ZoneDymo

    AMD Files Patent for its Own big.LITTLE Tech - Processor Clusters

    Well imagine if offices around hte world adopt this, massive energy saving is a good thing these days.
  8. ZoneDymo

    Xbox Series S Confirmed in Leaked Controller Packaging

    it gets worse, look at those joysticks, ermm hello? 1996 called! on a different note, is the D-pad any good on these?
  9. ZoneDymo

    Video Memory Sizes Set to Swell as NVIDIA Readies 20GB and 24GB GeForce Amperes

    I feel this comes down to how you read it tbh. Its like saying this graphics card is not new because we had graphics cards before. Yes a 320bit bus has been done before, but not with this type of memory which calculates differently and its new information for these new cards.
  10. ZoneDymo

    AMD Files Patent for its Own big.LITTLE Tech - Processor Clusters

    but of an odd remark, how do you know so well what the future holds and what place this tech does and doesnt have?
  11. ZoneDymo

    Intel's Apple-exclusive Core i9-10910 Geekbenched

    TPD is whatever they want it to be
  12. ZoneDymo

    Logitech Says It's Doing Everything it Can to Thwart Webcam Shortages

    Yes "full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second" is not 4k at 60fps or 1440p at 120fps. and if nobody made it yet...well then logitech should make it themselves. Also how do those GoPro's work who can do 4k all on their own in that tiny body? And also Avermedia actually had a 4k webcam but ended up...
  13. ZoneDymo

    Logitech Says It's Doing Everything it Can to Thwart Webcam Shortages

    Everything short of making a proper new generation webcam, ya know 4k 60fps or 1440p 120fps with a proper sized lens or even replaceble lens.
  14. ZoneDymo

    AMD Ryzen 9 4950X "Vermeer" Tested, the Sample Boosts to 4.8 GHz

    Its been excellent times for computer hardware for some time now....well apart from the overpriced videocards that is.
  15. ZoneDymo

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.8.1

    I just want to have some way for my overclocks NOT to reset when my PC crashes for completely unrelated reasons >:L
  16. ZoneDymo

    Steam Updates Pricing Restrictions to Combat VPN-based Exploitation of Regional Pricing

    which is why they should be unreasonably expensive? might as well up the prices in more well of countries as well, 150 dollar/euro per game, its not the most pressing life priority anyway. heck screw that, why even make games at all if they dont want to actually sell them because nobody can...
  17. ZoneDymo

    Steam Updates Pricing Restrictions to Combat VPN-based Exploitation of Regional Pricing

    yeah crazy a country where people make a 10th of what you make for the same work would also have their games etc be cheaper....
  18. ZoneDymo

    Sapphire Intros Radeon RX 5700 XT Pulse BE - Cost Effective, Trim Feature-set

    let me know when its about 250
  19. ZoneDymo

    Gabe Newell Would Prefer a Xbox Series X over the PlayStation 5

    wait he is still alive? I joke I joke but seriously, what has happened to Valve man? Im sure they are more profitable then ever...but where are all the guys and galls and formed that groundbreaking gaming development team? Where are they? where are L4D3, HL3, TF3 or just something new? Where is...
  20. ZoneDymo

    Konami Joins the Desktop PC Market with 3 New Models

    ok great, but what about a Silent Hill Remake?
  21. ZoneDymo

    Aqua Computer Introduces ULTITOP D5 DUAL Pump Top

    considering the price tag of just this product, im sure this is for...enthusiasts who will (no matter if it makes sense or not) watercool everything. SSD, M.2, Soundcard EVERYTHING
  22. ZoneDymo

    Xbox Games Showcase Post-Mortem: Halo Infinite, Fable, Forza, and Many Others Revealed

    Right? I was SO freaking underwhelmed by Halo, I mean it looks just dated and the sound is crap and the voice work as well....like what was that? And STALKER as well as Warhammer, those are good names but these teasers show nothing. I will say that the STALKER trailer was a tad too .... western...
  23. ZoneDymo


    very 90s, quite like it
  24. ZoneDymo

    GIGABYTE Unveils Z490 AORUS Master WaterForce Motherboard with AIO Monoblock

    I think of it as a radiator in your house, at some point the water is done reacting and the process goes no further so it should be fine.