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  1. StrayKAT

    Secure Boot.. yay or nay?

    Couldn't figure out if this should go in Hardware or Software. Do you guys enable it In your custom PCs? What's the general practice if you're not an OEM or enterprise? I'm tempted by the extra security, but it seems way too complicated. At least on this board. I talked to a Supermicro...
  2. StrayKAT

    Windows Features: Hyper-V and Windows Hypervisor Platform

    I'm confused what the difference is between these two (Hyper-V and Windows Hypervisor Platform). I know I can install virtual machines with Hyper-V, but what is the Platform.. and should I enable it too?
  3. StrayKAT

    Intel Turbo Max Technology Startup issue

    Every once in awhile the Intel Turbo Max starts up when I reboot my computer with an open Window on the desktop.. then other times it doesn't show up at all and just sits quietly minimized in the corner of the task bar (which is what I'd prefer). Any reason why it does this? I'm not exactly...
  4. StrayKAT

    Change Platform Role

    I guess this goes in the Hardware section.. I'm just curious if there's a way to change the "Platform Role" (or Power Platform Role, rather). I love my last Supermicro boards, but they're kind of funky in this respect. The new one (X299) labels itself as "Enterprise Server" in Sysinfo. While my...
  5. StrayKAT

    Streaming services (music/movies/etc) alternatives

    Are there any iTunes and Google Play alternatives I don't know about.. and that are cross platform (more or less)?