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  1. bear jesus

    New XFX 6970 artifacts in atitool only :(

    I recently bought a 6970 and all was good and have been gaming for over a week now and decided to try some overclocking so launched atitool while at default speeds to note the fps and the moment i clicked scan for artifacts the window opened up filled with artifacts. I set the fan to 100% to be...
  2. bear jesus

    Opinions on the EK Supreme LT 360 water kit?

    I was curious what people think of the kit and the parts it's made from and they are as follows - EK-Supreme LT - UNI (universal CPU block based on EK-Supreme LT) - EK-Backplate CPU Universal - EK-CoolStream RAD XT (360) - 3 Yate Loon D12SH (2200rpm) - EK-DCP 2.2 Pump - EK-Reservoir...
  3. bear jesus

    Yeston Non-reference HD 6970 PCB Exposure With 15 Phase Power Supply

    Has anyone noticed this crazy PCB? 15 phases and dual 8 pin pci-e power connectors :laugh: "The graphics card features 12 phase power supply for core,two phase power supply for memory and a phase auxiliary I/O power supply,totaling the amount of 15 phase." source What do you...
  4. bear jesus

    gtx 460 ultra low gpu usage, worthless for gaming

    gtx 460 ultra low gpu usage *fixed* I convinced a friend that going with a 460 was the best value and beats anything in his price range for ATI/AMD and now he is pissed :laugh: In game the gpu usage is as little as 1% and normally not much more, he has searched around many forums and made...
  5. bear jesus

    How are you cooling your graphics card? got something special/different? show it off.

    I just finished chopping off part of my 6870's vrm, ram, support plate thingy (yes very technical description there :p) and it made me wonder what other people here are doing to keep their gpu cool and if anyone else is chopping things up :laugh: I just did the pencil memory voltage mod...
  6. bear jesus

    6870 crossfire and/or eyefinity problems

    A little help deleting this please *looks in the direction of a mod* :-P It was all lies (problems i caused myself :laugh:) could a mod delete this please