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  1. bear jesus

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    I know it's an AMD marketing slide but surely it suggests gaming wise that if it continued to scale then the more memory bandwidth the better? It is on the features page of the review and Dave added underneath "AMD gave me some slides that depict the performance increase offered by using 2133...
  2. bear jesus

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    I was hoping the A10-6700 would support 2133 MHz by default but now i am left wondering if the extra heat produced by an A10-6800 would be worth the faster memory as a major reason i bought a second APU is low heat summer gaming. The overclocking results make me wonder if i would be better...
  3. bear jesus

    Kingston HyperX Predator 2400 MHz C11 2x 4 GB

    I have recently read through your RAM reviews, nice work with all of them :toast: I very much appreciate the exact height measurements and listing of the profiles with detailed timings.
  4. bear jesus

    Your PC ATM

    That is beautiful :respect: Although i think you just made looking at this thread torture to me.
  5. bear jesus

    Your PC ATM

    I'm jealous of the recent beautiful setups posted, this should give you all an idea why.
  6. bear jesus

    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    I think it would greatly depend on the setup as if a downwards flowing cooler was paired with a hot CPU that can really heat up the heat sink i think it could have a negative difference, but that would be more to do with a bad selection. I say this as i was a silly bear and put stock AMD...
  7. bear jesus

    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    I am only interested in using this style of cooler on 65w FM2 APUs so i would hope that would not be an issue. They come with small aluminum heat sinks which cool the chip and surrounding components well enough but not quiet enough thus why i want to replace them, i would hope this is...
  8. bear jesus

    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    I want two small downwards flowing coolers to replace two stock FM2 ones i'm currently using and this might be suitable, although i want to see reviews first. Could you please explain what you mean by that?
  9. bear jesus

    The Arctic was once warmer, covered by trees

    I'm curious about that as well and have been trying to try and find out at least an estimated distance traveled in that time but i am having very little luck. Plenty of unquoted wiki "information" like these "The Pliocene extends from 5.332 million years ago to 2.588 million years ago.[2]...
  10. bear jesus

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    Well done and thank you for not going the route of so many other sites which go for a total change leaving most users unhappy.
  11. bear jesus

    AMD Richland Desktop APUs Pictured, Coming This June

    Good to know there is not long to wait. I am currently posting this using an A4 5300 as my main computer and HTPC have failed me so i got this to replace my HTPC, although after getting to use this and game on it (source engine games so nothing demanding) i want an A10 5700 for general usage...
  12. bear jesus

    BitFenix Introduces Recon White and Spectre Pro All White LED

    I look forward to being able to buy the 230mm white Spectre pro LED, handy timing as well as my current 230mm Spectre now dislikes being turned off so i was already considering options for a new large fan.
  13. bear jesus

    Intel Core i7-4900 Series Arrives in Q3-2013, i7-3970X Around the Corner: Report

    I never should have had my heart set on an 8 core desktop CPU from Intel, by the looks of things they will be available in the kind of time frame that i was intending to be using one before considering the next upgrade :( I know i should just settle for something more sensible but i fell in...
  14. bear jesus

    AMD Readies Trio of New Radeon HD 7900 Series SKUs

    Will the 7970 GHz edition be pretty much the same thing as the 7970s that are clocked at or over 1ghz? Really unless it happens to be a 2ghz model i do not understand how this will help 7970s be any more competitive than the current overclocked models, anyone want to help me understand this?
  15. bear jesus

    KINGMAX Launches World's First Transparent USB Flash Drive UI-05

    Awesome, all i need to know now is when and where i can buy one.
  16. bear jesus

    Warm Tek Displays a Refreshing New Heatsink Design

    Is that correct? Either way i would like to know these perform and if there are no heat pipes then they should get working on the heat pipe version. Also I am curious if it could be used passively on a low power CPU as i love the look and it may fit in my HTPC, although possibly only without...
  17. bear jesus

    NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 670 Short PCB Pictured Up Close

    It's so cute.
  18. bear jesus

    GIGABYTE GTX 680 SuperOverclock WindForce 5X Pictured Some More

    Now i see that it's both heat pipes and a vapor chamber i am quite curious how well the heatsink its self performs.
  19. bear jesus

    ZOTAC Signs Distribution Deal with Entatech UK

    I often see a few zotac products in the UK but the selection is often rather limited or consists of old models/products, i hope this may mean better distribution of more and newer products in the UK. I have been tempted by a couple of their products in the past but had to pass on them due to...
  20. bear jesus

    AMD to Drop Support for Pre-HD 5000 GPUs with Catalyst 12.7

    Really i think 4 years of updates (for the 48xxs) is enough time, i know compatibility issues may arise with games in the future but for everything that is out it is not like there is massive improvements to be made so the current versions should be more than good enough for most users. My...
  21. bear jesus

    Colorful Makes GeForce GTX 680 iGame Kudan Official

    Ignoring the penis painting kit i really like this card and it's easily in my top 3 680 options.
  22. bear jesus

    EA is Consumerist's Worst Company in America for 2012

    Same here, i thought to most people money was way more important but i have to wonder how many customers of BoA still have homes and internet access vs the amount of EA users who have internet.
  23. bear jesus

    EA is Consumerist's Worst Company in America for 2012

    What is that? I was thinking about the final vote as in BoA vs EA as far as getting ripped of vs games, but company that kills is referring to ones that were included in the original vote before it was narrowed down.
  24. bear jesus

    EA is Consumerist's Worst Company in America for 2012

    A company ripping people off and making a bunch of shitty games is worse than a company killing people... i did not expect that one, learn something new every day i guess although honestly i expected people to be more pissed about being ripped off by a bank than by playing shit games.
  25. bear jesus

    Orbis Implements Multi-GPU, Too

    So far the rumored hardware makes me think it would be relatively cheap for valve to make a more powerful "console", i hope they do. :laugh: