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    Anyone ever oven baked RAM modules?

    Baking helps in case of cold solder joints, mostly bigger BGA chips. I've reflown couple with rework station, didn't help. When ram dies its mostly bad memory IC, and not connection kind of deal.
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    £500 in my pocket

    If you could fight the temptation just save that money for next year.
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    Intel Core i5-8600K 3.6 GHz

    R7 1600 is 10% slower in both cpu and game tests. You can buy 1600 for $170 and get $30 off when you buy motherboard from Microcenter. So for $220 you can get R7 1600 / B350 motherboard. I think that is pretty good deal. Same Intel combo will set you back around $500.
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    Intel coffeelake and AMD Ryzen

    What he is trying to says is Ryzen 1600/B350 is the way to go.
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    AMD Phasing Out CrossFire Brand With DX 12 Adoption, Favors mGPU

    I wish the Infinity Fabric bridge the two GPUs. So they could also combine the GPU memory too. Like Ryzen sharing loads and cache memory.
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    Good and bad news: the crypto currency market is crashing

    First we complained that asics killed the gpu mining. Now that they made algorithm that is too complex for asic we complain because of inflated gpu prices. Only the governments can take the cryptocurrency down. It's just another forced control. And that imo is way worse than inflated gpu...
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    Do Intel Optane really boost games performance up 50%+?

    The word on the street is that Optane can also make you last twice as long, if you catch my drift.
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    Riding the Crypto wave

    I bought couple ETH at $230. I thought that is as low as it will go, clearly I was wrong.
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    Riding the Crypto wave

    I just saw an ad on craigslist for 16 x r9 290 at $140 each. Probable even less than that if you barging and get enough of them. They have same hash rate as gtx 1070 with 60% higher power consumption. Still plenty profitable. I didn't plan on expanding, but I'm tempted. *Correction they were r9...
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    What NOT to do with your Vega

    Yeah wire length can be a big issue. I've done quite a few RGH mods on Xbox 360 and there is wire that goes from the cool runner to the reset pad. You have to play with the wire length to hit the best timing. Also that slow voltage drop from the second spike to zero talked in the video. He said...
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    What NOT to do with your Vega

    It's called oscilloscope.:D
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    ITER progress (experimental fusion reactor)

    Keep Spiderman close by.
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    Monitor Randomly Goes Black - Forced to shut down

    It's not a monitor issue. And if the power button works for turning the computer on it's not the button either. Intermittent issues are the worst. From what you've done so far I would say PSU/MB.
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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Looks like pressing it might launch a nuke :D.
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    Computer/ Screen freezing

    Just flash it back to the original Bios. And just overclock the card manually. No real benefit from 580 bios imo.
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    Elon Musk's $27m 'Matrix' plan to plug the human brain into a computer

    All of this to only to find out that we are already in the matrix.
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    Riding the Crypto wave

    I know you are mining. Just waiting for you to come out of the closet. :D
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    AMD RX Vega Supply Issues to Persist At Least Until October - Digitimes

    I'm upset with both AMD and Nvidia. With AMD cuz they dropped the ball with Vega, but at least I know they are doing their best. On the other hand what upsets me with Nvidia is you can always expect them to do their bare minimum.
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    Hardware Unboxed benchmarks: Ryzen 3 vs. Core i5 2500K vs. FX-8370

    I've had FX6300 machine for couple weeks and it run the games just fine and it felt snappy in applications. And I had i7 960 at the same time and it didn't felt any slower. And I know how much slower it is compared to the i7. It's just strange.
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    Riding the Crypto wave

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    Riding the Crypto wave

    Another difficulty jump. Looks like somebody got huge gpu delivery and they put it to a good use.
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    RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 undervolting + maxed out power limit test by Hardwareluxx

    Time it takes to tune. Not all cards would cut it. Provable you could do the same to the 1080/70.
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    RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 undervolting + maxed out power limit test by Hardwareluxx

    Vega 56uv oc beats 1080 in performance with lower power consumption. I'm impressed. It's just so hard to compare stuff with this shortage due to high demand by miners. If you can get the 56 for $100 cheaper compared to the 1080, it doesn't look that bad.