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  1. soldier242

    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Review by TPU...Not

    looks like my other favourite review site (a german one) got one: http://www.computerbase.de/2015-09/amd-radeon-r9-nano-test/
  2. soldier242


    :roll: YEAH, maybe he's doing something like this as well :rockout: hey hey, germany is a nice country, you can still come over on a holiday and drink some GOOD beer ;)
  3. soldier242


    woooow that was the biggest aprils fools i've ever experienced and it was the most succesful! i really did hope that it was a joke, but since you kept it going for so long i really began believing it NICE that you won't leave ... there's nothing better than TPU!!!!1111oneoneone
  4. soldier242

    NVIDIA CUDA Emulator for every PC

    best app evar ... lol i believed it was true :D
  5. soldier242

    ATI's next gen GPU in next half of 2010

    i don't believe that AMD is bringing a complete new architecture, they always say that kind of thing and i don't expect 512bit wide bus, since they dropped it last time because the price/performance ratio wasn't their kind of thing
  6. soldier242

    XFX Alters Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Design

    for that price the card should really make some kind of "pew pew" sound when running a 3D game XD and toyo, your post was the funniest thing i've read for a long time; THX!!!!
  7. soldier242

    Will the prices of the Radeon 5000 fall after the release of the 400 series?

    like i said, i expect price droppings after the availability is high enough to cope with the demand, but right now there won't be any price drops
  8. soldier242

    Will the prices of the Radeon 5000 fall after the release of the 400 series?

    hmm, i think we won't see a pricedrop soon since there is not a single online shop here in germany that has even one GTX480 ... and now after looking at the prices of the 5870 it looks like that those will be getting even more expensive since these cards have at least some kind of availability...
  9. soldier242

    "Fireburst" New racing game using Unreal Engine 3

    yeah P.O.D. was a cool game and the 3DFX cards made it look very good ... damn i might dust of the game and the vehicle expansion and drive around a bit :)
  10. soldier242

    ASUS ROG Matrix HD 5870 Further Detailed

    yup ATi tool made it possible to adjust mem timings back then, i guess some genius must have written a powerful tool like that ;) BTT; card looks extremly nice but i guess the cash+ won't be worth it for the normal 5870 user not until there is competition that is
  11. soldier242

    Need for Speed World Beta

    if they really do, then i shouldn't have registered using my laptop :/
  12. soldier242

    Need for Speed World Beta

    yeah same here, there is still no invitation in my message box
  13. soldier242

    NVIDIA GeForce 4XX Series Discussion

    but you guys should really keep in mind that even higher performance of nVidias Fermi won't let ATi drop prices when TSMC isn't able to get enough chips out AND we know that they still have some problems with the 40nm process
  14. soldier242

    Need for Speed World Beta

    thats what i meant of course
  15. soldier242

    Patriot Shows off So Called Fastest System on The Planet

    nice setup, i want one ... now they should put up some videos of stuff loading or at least whats left of it
  16. soldier242

    Need for Speed World Beta

    but they shouldn't restrict it to DX11 only
  17. soldier242

    Crossfire Clubhouse

    ok i wanna join, i've got one 4850 X2 from sapphire with 1Gig ... it runs fine althougth Arma 2 runs like shit and some games don't run good or don'T have an advantage when using crossfireX and what i don't understand is, that there still is no multimonitor in crossfire and that games don't...
  18. soldier242

    Need for Speed World Beta

    yup, blur looks kinda interesting
  19. soldier242

    ASUS ROG Ares Graphics Card Benched

    i want one for free!! plz asus plz here me!
  20. soldier242

    Need for Speed World Beta

    also applied, looking foward to it ... but damn it should be like the hot pursuit parts of the game
  21. soldier242

    NVIDIA GeForce 4XX Series Discussion

    yeah thats a shitload, seems like the green team won't go green with their newest children :|
  22. soldier242

    NVIDIA GeForce 4XX Series Discussion

    i know, thats why i said we should be patient and don't start some flamewars all over an over again
  23. soldier242

    NVIDIA GeForce 4XX Series Discussion

    i don'T believe anything until there is a review from wizzard!! so lets wait guys ;) may the patience be with you :D
  24. soldier242

    GeForce GTX 480 Gets Listed

    damn, its still expensive even if nVidias highend chips are always very pricey
  25. soldier242

    AMD to Sample 32 nm Processors Within H1 2010

    if AMD really wants a huge takeoff with the new chip they need to work with devs very close i.e. sending out platforms and having a good support on the soft/hardware side if thats not the case, AMD will be in the same spot as Intel is with its integrated gpu, graphicscore just for the graphic...