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  1. NinkobEi

    Scam Citizen just trashed all of their code and started over

    I mean, wow. Even I didn't think it would be that bad. lol at the guys on this forum who spent a ton of money and kept defending them
  2. NinkobEi

    Salt Citizen 2.6 thread

    There are a lot of expected things happening this week. More delays, SQ42 (potentially!) canceled, more ships announced! Please use this thread to talk about pyramid schemes, kickstarter scams, and anything else Star Citizen related! https://www.twitch.tv/relay_sc/v/107887729
  3. NinkobEi

    Ubuntu 12.04

  4. NinkobEi

    Everquest, F2P

    Damn this game and its addictive, nostalgia-inducing gameplay. I'm on Luclin with a bunch of SA goons
  5. NinkobEi

    Methane Hydrate Cages, The Key to Using Methane as a Clean Energy Source?

    Seems interesting http://scitechdaily.com/methane-hydrate-cages-the-key-to-using-methane-as-a-clean-energy-source/
  6. NinkobEi

    Dungeon Defenders

    First person RPG Tower defense game. Pretty good game for $15. I run a 51 squire and a 41 monk for now. If anyone wants to play my steam name is Lubanja.
  7. NinkobEi

    ZOTAC 480 GTX 1.5gb $320 + free shipping

    Just got an email for this. seems like a decent deal but correct me if I am wrong lol. http://www.sabrepc.com/p-174-zotac-zt-40101-10p-geforce-gtx-480-15gb-gddr5-pci-express-x16.aspx?utm_content
  8. NinkobEi

    I am looking for a path of exile beta key

    Anyone know where to get one?
  9. NinkobEi

    HD4870, are these artifacts?

    Hey guys I have had this 4870 for a few years, and recently I have been getting little dots showing up while browsing forums, and sometimes while watching movies. I updated drivers from 10.7 to 11.7 and the dots changed from red to green. Is my card about to go kaput? Currently it is not...
  10. NinkobEi

    Best Peer Block?

    Is it Peerblock? kind of obvious I guess. Are there any other variations of this program that someone would recommend?
  11. NinkobEi

    DC Universe

    Just curious, is anyone testing this out? I have a habit of not buying into MMO's on release date. This one seems like a city of heroes remake. Could have some potential
  12. NinkobEi

    Flash USB Drive Recovery?

    Okay, so I am in need of some help here. A friend of mine has a lot of important data on a flash usb drive. For some reason he defragments this drive, but it never finished. 8 hours later he finally gives up on it and removes the drive from his PC. The Drive is no longer FAT 32, but RAW format...
  13. NinkobEi

    Best 4870 Soft volt-mod?

    Hey I've been a bit bored lately and want to try to push my 4870 to the limit. Well I've accomplished that with standard voltage now its time to step up. As far as I've found there are two ways to do this, with Rivatuner, or via the RBE. Anynoe have experience with both and which would be the...
  14. NinkobEi

    Vidar VXR-12 Plus Replacement Parts Help

    Hey guys, I know this is mainly a computer site, but Im having issues with an X-ray scanner. The foam rotators have severely degraded and are no longer effective. I'm hoping someone might know of a place where I can find a schematic or a parts list with part numbers. Then I can try to find the...
  15. NinkobEi

    wanting current RIAA info

    Anyone know the current RIAA status on illegal downloads? My friend received a letter in the mail from his ISP saying cease and desist and delete all files. I offered to research the topic for him a bit but havent found many good resources, outside of a few random newspaper articles in which...
  16. NinkobEi

    upgrading my cpu heatsink

    I have a pretty decent one on now, but it doesnt have an installation bracket, which is freaking annoying..so to re-seat it I need to take out the whole mobo. I'm looking to replace it, does anyone have suggestions? that cool xigmatek one isnt around any more it seems. PC is in my profile (LGA...
  17. NinkobEi

    Suggest a free game (online or otherwise) Thread

    Title says it all. Guess I will go first. I've been playing League of Legends a lot. It's a DOTA remake, by the people who created it. While there are premium services, they have no effect on the game itself (IE: they are skins for characters). Everything can be unlocked with earned ingame...
  18. NinkobEi

    i7 video editing build, which motherboard/ram?

    Hey guys I'm looking to build a new i7 PC (with the $245 i920 from micro center), and want to know a good motherboard/ram combo that is super stable. Will be using this PC for professional video editing so any other tips are welcome! Also, Would a 4890 be a good Video card to go with? or...
  19. NinkobEi

    Best Headphones for a PC?

    Hey guys I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for PC headphones. I have a good soundcard and want to get the most out of it with some nice headphones. I plan on doing everything from Listening to music to watching movies to playing games. Music of all genres. Some 'phones I've been...
  20. NinkobEi

    Mint or Fedora 10 KDE for new Linux user

    Hey guys, I just picked up a laptop and I am wanting to replace the evil windows Vista with a kinder, gentler operating system, ala Linux. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on which would be the better distro to choose: Mint (kde version if they got it) or Fedora 10. Also, what are the...
  21. NinkobEi

    4850 Bios Compatability

    Well I am wanting to crossfire my 4850 and 4870 for fun, but they are different brands (Sapphire and Diamond, respectively). Does anyone know if Diamond Bios will work with Sapphire(reference design) cards? The core/mem clocks are the same. I know I could just do it and figure it out for myself...
  22. NinkobEi

    Xigmatek VD964 Heatsink Problem

    Hey guys, I was hoping someone on these forums could recommend me some heatsinks for this problem: That's not my picture, but the problem is the same...the heat pipes come too close to my top memory-sinks and I cant get the thing put on... I'm assuming it would be a bad idea to just leave...
  23. NinkobEi

    4850 Fan throttling

    Ok guys, while playing games my 4850's fan revs up and revs back down constantly. Using 8.10 drivers. I have the speed set manually to 70% and my idle temp is usually pretty high (mid 60s I think). in game temps reach over 95C or so and it takes the card a while to cool down. is it about to die...
  24. NinkobEi

    p5q pro bonehead help

    Hey guys just got a new rig put together, evreything seems to work fine until just after I post: p5qpro e8400 2x 2gb kingston hyx 8500 640g wd hdd gamexstream 700w hd4850 auzen prelude so I set up my bios to boot from DVD drive, (not the ATAPI setting, but specific IDE dvd drive...
  25. NinkobEi

    Loss of video connection

    Hey guys, I seem to have issue running stressful games. ok, playing EQ1 (yah I know) I get frequent signal loss to my monitor, causing me to reboot. It usually happens after I've had time to heat up my system (say 20 minutes or so). my sound keeps running, though not for long because soon after...