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  1. nicholasblock

    [WTB] Phenom II

    got stuff to trade if ya got one pm me:toast:
  2. nicholasblock

    [WTB][US] Socket 775 cpu

    O.K.so I am wanting to try something from Intel I just got an socket 775 evga board but I have nothing to fill the hole with.Let me know what you have(nothing expensive please) and the price and pm me Thanks, ~Nic~
  3. nicholasblock

    [FS/FT][US] Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series Sound Card

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking to get rid of my new card.I bought this less than a month ago,but my speakers are so crappy it really don't pay to use it.I'm gonna start at $100,but I would much rather make some trades for it.It don't matter what so make me some offers!I have everything original for...
  4. nicholasblock

    Asus M3A79-T Deluxe new BIOS out now

    New BIOS 0803 out now.God, I hope this will fix my missing BIOS options and the fact that I cant go over 1.400 not because its not stable but 'cause it simply won't let me change it:banghead: we'll see how it goes heres the changes: M3A79-T Deluxe BIOS 0803 1. Change Year of Copyright from...
  5. nicholasblock

    Catalyst 9.4 beta out now

    The new beta is now out I did'nt see it posted here so I thought I would let you know.Works great for my 4850's on windows 7 x86 http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=292307
  6. nicholasblock

    Asus M3A79-T BIOS options missing problem

    So the other day I was trying to O.C. my new Phenom and as I was going through options I noticed no option for Advanced Clock Calibration.I thought I was looking in the wrong place so I Googled around and seen some screen shots went back to look in mine and still no option.So whatever I was'nt...
  7. nicholasblock

    Board won't allow more than 1.4 vcore?

    My motherboard wont allow me to go any higher than 1.400 vcore.Does anyone have this board?On my athlon x2 I had no problems going higher than 1.4 but I put in my new phenom and now i can't go past that!!:banghead:
  8. nicholasblock

    Adavnce Clock Calibration?

    I wanted to know how this works? I can't find much info on it about actual details, like how do I enable it on my 9750 Agena I don't see anything in my BIOS any help is much appreciated
  9. nicholasblock

    XFX 4850 vmod?

    Anyone know where to find one it's non-refrence but I really would like to do this
  10. nicholasblock

    Will the Gigabyte 3d galaxy 2 work with a Phenom?

    Just what the tittle says. I'm looking to pick up this cooler and will be used on a 9750 95w Phenom.
  11. nicholasblock

    Sugestions,Comments,Advice please

    O.K. so I am new to modding and I'm looking for advice and what I can do further to mod my case.I have an Antec 900 and so far I have cut holes for better wire management and painted it black to cover up my dremel marks. I am also wanting uv lights and paint but i wanna get some feed back and...
  12. nicholasblock

    Question about painting?

    I'm thinking about picking up some uv lights for my case and getting uv paint. I want to paint the top of the caps on my board maybe around the dimm slots. I wanted to know where people stood on this subject.would the paint act as an insulation and keep the caps to warm? Are there any issues i...