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  1. pdimar1

    Sb6141 problems

    Ive been having some disconnects with this modem lately, it would flash the recieve and link lights at the same time and i would not have internet, i tried hooking directly to the modem and still nothing, every once in a while i would connect and it would stay on for days until the next random...
  2. pdimar1

    dedicated gpu on laptop

    my lenovo y50 wont run with the nvidia 860m, i updated all the drivers and everything and set the physx to the dedicated gpu and it still wont run
  3. pdimar1

    mobo dead?

    recently bought an msi 970 gaming because i fried a gigabyte and i tried it and it would not POST. cables are fine, psu has plenty of power, the mobo had lights on it and they turn on but nothing of a signal that its booting, hdd makes no data noise, no onboard graphics i tried 2 different...
  4. pdimar1

    Mobo problems

    hey guys, i have an asrock 970 extreme3 and yesterday i installed some new fans in my case and when i put everything back together in the case the mobo powered up but didnt boot, i unplugged everything and the memory sticks and nothing, i took out the battery and cmos and left it for a while and...
  5. pdimar1

    Good Equalizer for Dub on Headphones

    Hey guys, i was wondering if this equalizer setting is good for dubstep songs :rockout:and probably every type of song:rolleyes: my headphones are the g35 on USb3.0 if that makes a difference from 2.0 if anyone wants to say something
  6. pdimar1

    Windows multi-install

    i always wondered why can't you install multiple programs at once, or uninstall them
  7. pdimar1

    Switching to water cooling

    wondering if i should switch to watercooling? not an extreme gamer but pretty serious Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Motherboard: ASrock 970 Extreme3 Cooling: Coolermaster V6 GT Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (cuz of 32bit) Video Card: HIS IceQ Radeon HD 7850 2GB Hard Disk: Seagate...