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  1. spud107

    stumbled across something at work. . .

    think its worth the bother of getting?:), unused and disconnected, it looks like such a good project . . . i think these compressors would be overkill though . . .
  2. spud107

    Possible bad hard drive?

    About a month ago i built a pc with vista64, specs athlon64 4800 AM2 msi k9n neo v3 2x1gb elixer 800mhz seagate barracuda 80gb sata generic 400w psu (temporary) 7300gt (temporary) all seemed fine but was brought back to me a while ago, it wasnt booting up, just hanging, pressed...
  3. spud107

    [Case Gallery] Spud's K8-X2

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Processor: amd athlon X2 4200+ toledo s939 2750mhz 250x11 1.4 vcore Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4-F v1.0 (MS-7125) nforce4 sata2 mod, zalman nb cooler, pIII cooler for vcore circuitry. Cooling: akasa evo "blue" 90mm fan, 2x 120mm front intake, 250mm...
  4. spud107

    what do i need to do for pxe booting?

    anyone have experience at this? basically i want to have damn small linux or other os bootable from my server pc so i can have 1 or 2 pc's running off it, like thin client type setups, no hd, my setup is this incase it matters server pc is server 2003 sp2, that connects to a 8 port switch...
  5. spud107

    Socket 939 Club

    thought about making one for a while, well here it is, maybe it will be useful to share info as our platform still uses ddr, (& is slowly dying lol) overclocking & memory tips would be handy, maybe get a benchmark table going, will see how it goes, my system is in specs,
  6. spud107

    wtb: msi k8n series

    thinking of a wee upgrade, couple thoughts, looking for one of these boards, just hoping somebody might have one spare due to upgrade, especially the ms-7025. k8n neo2 platinum/fx/54g ms-7025, this has agp so can keep current gfx or k8n neo4 platinum ms-7125 k8n diamond k8n sli...
  7. spud107

    ms-7094 bios

    anyone good with bios's need to find out if vcore options are there, 1 is original, other has pci lock and other things enabled.
  8. spud107

    [Case Gallery] spuds K8

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: amd athlon X2 4200+ toledo s939 @2551-232x11 stock vcore 1.35v MSI K8T Neo2-F v2.0 (MS-7094) mod bios with pci/agp lock akasa evo blue w/2 90mm fans, 2 120mm fans on front of case, 250mm side intake fan, 1 120mm rear 120mm fan in psu OCZ EL...
  9. spud107

    good oc program for via k8t800 & a64 939

    jus looking for a good one like 8rdavcore like i used on my other board, its no longer updated though, does anyone know how to put more boards in the boards.ini file? im not sure how to work out the codes for smi_vendor, smi_name or smi_driver would be cool to integrate something like this...
  10. spud107

    [Case Gallery] spuds pc (new mb/cpu)

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: amd athlon 4200+ toledo akasa evo33 cpu cooler MSI K8T Neo2-F v2.0 (MS-7094) OCZ Platinum Series DDR PC3200 2GB(2x1024) sapphire x1950 pro 512mb agp zalman vf900-cu led 80gb ATA / Seagate Barracuda 160GB SATA pioneer dvd/rw / hitatchi-lg dvd...
  11. spud107

    [WTT] thoroughbred-b socket A

    i doubt ill get much response to this but never know unless i post it, im wanting to try and get a better cpu for my system, an athlon 3200, wondering if anyones interested in a swap for my current cpu and some cash, this one is a thoroughbrd-b core, iv ran it at 2310-2365 stable, oc'd of...
  12. spud107

    hdr graphics test

    http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/archives/rthdribl_1_2.zip just found this when browsing teh net, looks really cool, an only 20mb. Technical features of the demo are: True HDR (High-Dynamic Range) Rendering IBL (Image-Based Lighting) Glare...
  13. spud107

    explorer view 4 - free reg code

    jus thought id post this as i found the program useful, http://www.explorerview.com/vnu.php heres the copy-paste stuff, When you're looking for a particular digital photo in Explorer, turning on the thumbnail view will help you pick it out quickly. But what if you're trying to find a...
  14. spud107

    pinmods for socket 478?

    has anyone done any to there system? been looking around the net and found a few, but the ones i was most intrested in were dead links, and others were conflicting, apparently i can make my celeron operate at a 133(533)fsb instead of 100(400)fsb, by isolating one of the bsel pins, but what...
  15. spud107

    asrock sli32 esata2

    this is a setup my friend has, asrock sli32 esata2 amd athlon64 3200 venice core (standard heatsink) @2ghz/10x200 idles at around 37, load not sure, asus 7300gt 256mb ddr2 (passive cooled) generic unknown ram 2 x 512mb 3-3-3-7 430w psu (not sure) 2 intake fans 80mm 1 on side, other...
  16. spud107

    what do you think of these fans?

    aquired them from a small power supply, think using them cooling cpu is out of the question , maybe be good to stick em on my mosfet heatsinks.
  17. spud107

    1/3 of audio channels are gone?

    noticed something wierd with it today, its onboard nvidia audio, instead of being 52 2d voices and 48 3d voices theres only 20 2d & 16 3d voices availiable, tried different driver, only thing thats different in this os is sp2, other install is sp1, on the other sp1 install they all work...
  18. spud107

    [Case Gallery] spuds pc (updated)

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: amd geode @ 2310 210x11 msi k7n2 delta-l sapphire x1950 pro 512mb agp pioneer dvr-108 dvd-rw 2x 512mb pc3200 2x 80gb hd maxtor/wd winpower 650w psu Mods: akasa evo33 cpu cooler modded to fit sktA >> zalman vf900-cu led >> safe mode jumper...
  19. spud107

    connect psx pad to pc

    found a guide for connecting a ps1/ps2 pad to pc via parallel port, quite easy to do, found all the parts i needed was an old ps1 for the joypad conector, an old psu for the diodes, and a printer cable with removable covers. a 9v power supply is needed for the dualshock if you want to use it...
  20. spud107

    bios modding

    i'v got this mobo, msi ms-6577 v2.1, it's been made for hp so no options in bios to change speeds, used modbin and it showed advanced options as normal but still not there, i'v been looking for an alternative bios for a similar msi board but no luck, only way iv found to overclock is with...
  21. spud107

    how far can a thoroughbred-b go?

    been pushing this sempron/geode an wondering how much is a safe voltage? got to 2415 (11.5x210) with near 1.8 v, didnt want to go higher atm, sitting at 2365 (11x215) just now, think my ram is nearing limit at current timings (3-3-3-8) here's a report from everest if ya want details, just...
  22. spud107

    [Case Gallery] spuds pc

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: amd sempron 2800 (remarked geode) @2250 205x11 msi k7n2 delta-l wd 80gb + maxtor 80gb hdd's pioneer dvr-108 dvd-rw LG DVD cd-RW 2x 512mb pc3200 ddr sapphire ati radeon x1950pro agp 512mb winpower 650w psu Mods: update - moved to another case so...