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  1. JC316

    Did i make a wrong decision buying this PSU or is it good ?

    I've had decent luck with coolermaster PSU's over the years. That said, I learned a long time ago not to skimp on the power supply. My Antec smartpower 2.0 500w died and took my record overclock holding Athlon X2 3600+ with it. I've stuck with FSP, EVGA, and Corsair ever since.
  2. JC316

    What are you playing?

    Dead by Daylight. So much dead by daylight. It's become my new favorite multiplayer game.
  3. JC316

    Is coil whine common for high end AMD graphics card?

    My RX580 has had coil whine since day 1. I ignore it.
  4. JC316

    What game sequel(s) would you offer up a blood sacrifice...

    I know. Raven put out some really good stuff, including the Jedi Knight games. Unfortunately, they've been reduced to making Call of Duty games.
  5. JC316

    What game sequel(s) would you offer up a blood sacrifice...

    So many options, but my top 1 would be Hexen. A gothic FPS with puzzle solving and RPG elements. After that. Portal 3 Half Life 3 Left 4 Dead 3 Single player Elder Scrolls game Warcraft 4 Starcraft 3 Knights of the Old Republic 3 Jedi Knight 3 A good 2d Castlevania
  6. JC316

    650 W or higher power supply

    I've been rocking an FSP Aurum CM 750W Gold certified power supply for about 6 years now. Never skipped a beat in that time.
  7. JC316

    What are you playing?

    Playing through this myself. Always do in October.
  8. JC316

    Free Games Thread

    That's weird. I bought Origins when it first came out and never had an issue with it. Was running my GTX770 at the time. In fact, the only problem I've ever had with any batman game was Arkham City, I got it brand new in the box from Best Buy, and there was no steam key inside lol.
  9. JC316

    Free Games Thread

    I liked Origins. Hell, I loved all of the Arkham games, even if I did have to get Knight on PS4 just to make the damned thing playable.
  10. JC316

    benefits of xbox one elite controller with various pc games vs. keyboard mouse, Casual gamer here, should I pull the trigger

    Get a wired Xbox 360 controller. It's the best controller for PC. Use it for platformers, fighting games, and the Arkham style combat games. Use the keyboard for everything else.
  11. JC316

    I want to set up a live underwater web cam.

    Water clairty is going to be a huge problem. I'm a scuba diver and I've filmed in fresh and salt water with visibility ranging from 20ft to 200ft. Here is some of my footage. 30-40ft vis, filmed from about 10 feet away. 10-15 foot vis, filmed from about 5 feet away.
  12. JC316

    AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Retro Build

    My second build was an athlon XP 3000+ too. First was a 2200+. Made the mistake of putting in a Geforce FX 5900 instead of a 9700 pro. Heck, I might still have that system somewhere.
  13. JC316

    3 way thetford fridge in motorhome

    What exactly is a crackerling? Not even mighty google is helping me on this one. I am assuming that it's crackling, in which case, I would be looking at those two relays on the board. If one is getting weak, it could be activating and deactivating rapidly and making the noise. Is the fridge...
  14. JC316

    How does a post being qualified as "low quality"?

    Censorship is nothing new here, it's happened in the past. Heck, GN was practically created just to get rid of the miscreants. That said, it's a private board and W1z gets to make the rules, plus it's nowhere near as bad as other forums. Don't like it, leave and make your own forum.
  15. JC316

    [FS][US] EVGA GTX 770 4gb FTW edition.

    I'll do $110 shipped on this card, or it's actually going to ebay on Sunday.
  16. JC316

    WTB GPU under $250 "Solved"

    I have an Evga GTX 770 4gb FTW edition. $120 shipped.
  17. JC316

    Picked this up today.

    Hell no, I own a thrift store and I've gotten in several old gaming rigs. Mostly pentium 4, Athlon XP stuff.
  18. JC316

    What's the one game you keep coming back to time after time?

    NES - Mario 3 SNES - Super Metroid/Donkey Kong Country N64 - Zelda Ocarina of Time PS1 - Resident Evil 2 Dreamcast - Resident Evil Code Veronica GameCube - Resident Evil 4 Xbox - Halo Xbox 360 - Halo 3 PS3 - Uncharted 2 PS4 - Uncharted 4 PC - Dishonored/Knights of the Old Republic/Starcraft 2
  19. JC316

    Old Games vs. New Games

    Trine, Ori and the Blind Forest, Super Meat Boy, Mark of the Ninja, Deadlight, Limbo and Portal are all prime examples of strong puzzle solving in modern gaming. One mistake that a lot of people make is ignoring the smaller studios, and there are some seriously good games there. Prototype is an...
  20. JC316

    Old Games vs. New Games

    Pretty much, and any LJN game was right there with them. Jaws, Terminator 2, Monster Party, and Hydlide were some of the first games that my dad bought on NES. All sucked, but I played Monster Party the most.
  21. JC316

    Old Games vs. New Games

    I've been gaming for a LONG time. NES era for consoles and Doom era for PC. A lot of people forget that there were plenty of turds back in the day and a bunch of instant classics. Same thing today. Sure, the EA and UBIsoft games are craptastic, but there have been some seriously good games...
  22. JC316

    Who owns a VR or AR HMD?

    I have a PS4 VR unit. Does that count?