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    trying to cool down laptop, but nothing works

    alright so as the title suggests, i am trying to cool down my gaming laptop acer nitro 7 with i7-9750h, 1660ti. and it is also damn hard. i've tried undervolting, had complications with it so im just gonna stay where im stable (CPU core -174.8 and CPU cache -100 offset) to avoid problems again...
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    BSOD Loop Throttlestop

    alright so what just happened is: i was undervolting my CPU core and cache. my core was at around -187 to -180 and my cache was around -145 to -140. i had my multiplier set up a bit to test it, around 31-32. my speedshift was 0, non turbo ratio was at 1, disable and lock turbo power limits was...
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    Need help with ThrottleStop

    hello. im in need of some severe help here. My laptop has a couple problems. 1: the FID, C0% and Temps are jumping around crazy. the FID can go from 9.0-22.0 in a second and the C0% goes from about 3.1 to 13.2 in a second whereas my temps go from 62-68 in 1-2 seconds and so on. im not sure whats...
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    Undervolting problems, games crash and requires a forced shutdown

    Hello. So first off i have a gaming laptop with the specs: i7-9750H, 1660-TI and 16gb ram. I've had issues with my temperatures and very recently came across undervolting. I've since been trying to undervolt both my GPU and CPU since it tends to get quite hot unnecessarily, as in just running...