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    Upgrade from 7700k

    Hello everybody. I thought to keep my 7700k for at least 4 years when I bought it (Jan 2k17) But now it's not enough, especially as I have 144hz monitor. On top of that I stream while gaming (as a hobby) so it also push my cpu to the limits. My current setup is 7700k(delided)@4.8Ghz MSI Z270...
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    Need Bios for 8800gt GEN1

    Hi (sorry for my english) I hope its not to late for this kind of request, but i need bios for my old 8800GT to flash it to PCI-E GEN1 "mode" i searched some forums and all links to this bios are dead because all threads are from 2007 year. if any other information are needed just please...