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    Aqua Computer Introduces Three New Flow Sensors

    Do you know when we can expect availability in the US?
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    Intel 10th Generation Comet Lake Desktop Processors and 400-Series Chipsets Announced, Here's what's New

    Electricity isn't free, and 300W+ is a lot of heat. The LHC isn't left on 24x7 either, and is funded by governments, which aren't coincidentally paying for my electric bill. Got any more pointless analogies?
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    Intel 10th Generation Comet Lake Desktop Processors and 400-Series Chipsets Announced, Here's what's New

    -We don't not understand that single core performance matters. Not disputing that intel can be faster, but you claimed AMD was 20% slower on IPC, where do you get your information from? 20% slower on average with what applications, and what CPUs? I certainly haven't found that to be the case...
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    Intel 10th Generation Comet Lake Desktop Processors and 400-Series Chipsets Announced, Here's what's New

    Agree that intel is better and more stable out of the box from first hand experience, but its really not that grim as you suggest, i didnt need your exaggerated 12 bios updates to fix anything. And things are rapidly changing in the world as it adapts to AMD, we will see more mature code and...
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    Intel 10th Generation Comet Lake Desktop Processors and 400-Series Chipsets Announced, Here's what's New

    Price per core is still more expensive on intel, they do value their parts, but with AMD, you get more of them, intel's top part has only 10 cores at a MSRP(TRAY?!) price of $48.8/core, whereas AMDs more expensive 16 core at actual retail cost is $46.12/core. What is the justification in...
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    EK Waterblocks Introduces Its Professional Lineup of Products

    EK waterblocks have poor fitment, stopped using them
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    Cooler Master Redesigns its TIM Packaging so Parents Don't Think Their Kids are Doing Drugs

    Parents who think thermal paste in any packaging are drugs, should not be reproducing
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    Intel Ghost Canyon NUC, Comet Lake-H, and Tiger Lake Processors Teased

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    NVIDIA Influencing YouTube Tech Journalists' Product-Placements, Alleges Whistleblower

    "I cast no aspersions on the neutrality of GamersNexus, this could be anyone making YouTube videos with boxes in the background (which is pretty much every YouTube-based media)" Yeah, but you put the thumbnail on an article about paid shills. How does that not cast aspersions on the neutrality...
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    ASUS Rolls Out Pro WS C246-ACE Motherboard with Xeon E-series Support

    Have the original WS C246, which doesn't support 8th/9th gen CPUs, only Xeon (i checked with Asus Support) so that was a bit of a let down, so your options down the road if you ever wanted to use a maintstream cpu in it were non-existent, probably because the VRMs were not up to it. That board...
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    LG Unveils the UltraGear Nano IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Gaming Monitor - World's First 1ms IPS Display

    Agreed, 1600 is nice, with that aspect ratio though on wide screen do we still get the letterboxing effect where we have large black borders on either side of the screen when playing media content? Have a LG widescreen now, dont really like curved monitors either. There was a 27 inch 1080...
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    Zotac Announces Liquid-Cooling Ready GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ArcticStorm Graphics Card

    I agree with this, just because a part is out of stock, doesn't mean its selling well. Then there is the whole ordeal with the failing parts, and no public messaging on root cause of the problem or how anyone could be assured if buying a $1500 card is a safe thing to do. nvidia also hasn't...
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    Intel Achieves Gender Pay Equity Globally

    Intel really needs to focus on making the best products they can, they are in business not to right the wrongs of society, but to crank out processors that people want. No one should be paid differently for equal work, but how the hell do you measure that, when its not something tangible?
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    Intel Readies Crimson Canyon NUC with 10nm Core i3 and AMD Radeon

    Put 2 ethernet ports in it so we can use these for routers/firewalls.
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on Radeon VII: "Underwhelming (...) the Performance is Lousy"; "Freesync Doesn't Work"

    Ray Tracing RTX cards are a botched launch. The cost is astronomical for the only 2 parts that are truly faster than the Pascal cards, and the performance and availability in titles are lacking. This feature also doesn't improve anything for existing games which are 99.99% of all games that...
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    LG to Launch New "Ultra" Monitor Lineup at CES 2019

    I think he was referring to the larger one, with the higher horizontal resolution. If you watch tennis, the ball moves back and forth, probably left to right on the screen, so you will have to either move your eyes, or move your head using your neck which will train said muscles.
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    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    While true that self regulating doesn't prevent that, price fixing doesn't apply to nVidia, they are not colluding with a competitor, they are price setting because there is no competition at that level for that unique product. nVidia also sells 1060's and even lower models that cost a...
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    NVIDIA Confirms Issues Affecting Early Production Run of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Cards

    Also, waiting gives drivers time to mature a bit That can be a lengthier process and take even more time
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    Das Keyboard Expands Q-Series Family, Launches 4Q Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches

    Was on the kickstarter for this, took them 2 years to deliver it, almost thought it was a total loss. The software is lacking, and needs development, but the hardware quality and illumination through the keys is excellent.
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    Aqua Computer D5 NEXT - Smart Pump with Integrated LED & Fan Controller

    Very nice, will there be an integrated res attachment too?
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    Extravagant Intel Core i9-9900K Packaging Pictured

    The new Core i9, in "I hate the earth" packaging designed to consume and waste the maximum amount of resources. We just need a box that is tamper proof, with as few materials as possible, whilst still protecting the product during shipping.
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    Thermaltake Unveils Level 20 XT Cube Chassis - Experience Ultimate Compatibility

    If you decide to liquid cool this with a custom loop, keep in mind that a rad on the top may restrict your access to the motherboard and PCIexpansion slots, making a build difficult. If front is solid glass, not sure how good airflow is going to be for either a front mounted rad or just airflow...
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    Intel Gags Customers from Publishing Performance Impact of Microcode Updates

    But guys Intel is going to make a dGPU in 2020 that will be so awesome. And you won't be able to benchmark it either, under penalty of death.
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    Im aware of the claims manufacturers are making about the lithography, and that they are exaggerated. But let's say 7nm TSMC is equivalent to 10nm intel. If the rumours are true it will be out next year, before intel's 10nm. And TSMC could very well leapfrog and have a process advantage the...