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  1. Erazor6000

    so what is your next computer upgrade?

    Probably RTX 3080 Ti, but watercooled! Its power consumption is way too much for air cooling.
  2. Erazor6000

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition

    With this power consumption, I would buy it water cooled.
  3. Erazor6000

    What are you playing?

    DOTA 2 for the last 4 months after a 3+ year break. I am pretty damn good with Doom, Shadow Fiend and Shadow Demon (my favourite heroes at the moment). I love this game even though it is loosing its player base. Also I play Metro 2033 every now and again.
  4. Erazor6000

    Most hours played in a game!

    I have just over 500 hours of Dota 2, which is not much, but I probably made at least 1000 hours in Dota 1 as well. (1500+ in total) Also, at least 500 hours in TES 3 - Morrowind and only 100 in Skyrim. Thousands of hours in Heroes 3/4 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. P.S I almost forgot, I...
  5. Erazor6000

    What 5 Games are you most Anticipating?

    1. Avowed (Obsidian) 2. Far Cry 6 3. Elders Scrolls 6 4. The upcoming RPG by OnceLost Games 5. Starfield
  6. Erazor6000

    Dedicated Graphics Cards in Near Future

    Is this some kind of propaganda against nVidia?
  7. Erazor6000

    Far Cry 6 Set in Exotic Environment, Launching July 12th

    I imagine something similar to the TV series "Lost".