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    [FS][US] [CAN][AU][EU] MCP350 pumps DDC-1T $35 shipped - PP

    Just bought 4. A free bump for you sir!
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    Lost Thermal Paste!

    You're gonna want to really check the temps thoroughly with that thing, I've found from past experience that thermal pads tend to really suck compared to decent thermal paste, more so if it's not covering the entire surface of the CPU (is it?)
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    temp question for I7 930 at 4.2 ghz

    H50 just isn't that good a cooler, so at 4.2ghz you'll be really pushing the limits of what it can handle. Out of curiosity, what temperatures do you get with an OCCT Linpack test and are you stable?
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    WPrime Benchmark

    My i5-750 on 24-7 clocks:
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    Weird lockup

    Well I'm doing push-pull with two 110CFM fans, and this rig is turned on A LOT so it basically filters a huge amount of air :P
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    Weird lockup

    Also, what sort of cooling do you have, is it overheating? My rig was getting a little warm recently because dust had accumulated in the rad for my H50 - bear in mind this is only eight weeks worth, in a relatively clean flat:
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    Weird lockup

    Lol at "mouse surface" Isn't exactly going to be necessary in diagnosing this... First, have you checked that overclock is stable? Run OCCT for an hour. 1.288v @ 4.2Ghz isn't something I'd bet on being stable.
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    Overclocking advice (voltages and speed)

    Nope, was showing Core 0-Core 3, all at 15 degrees idle and 54 degrees load, whereas in actual fact they were at 35-37 degrees idle and 75-78 load.
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    Overclocking advice (voltages and speed)

    Also, check with more than one temperature monitoring program. I was getting weird readings out of speedfan (still do, about 18 degrees lower than realtemp/coretemp/hwmonitor show).
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    Overclocking advice (voltages and speed)

    I would personally advise trying to get it a little more stable than this (ie, it should be able to run linpack tests like linX on maximum for a decent number of runs and get no errors...) Otherwise you're not really stable.
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    Help please ! I got stuck at 3.4 ghz.

    Sweet Jesus you got ripped off! Also, you need to be using something other than AvP to test stability with. When that Configuration can stand up to an hour or two of OCCT linpack at maximum memory usage then you can call it stable.
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    PCIe What's the Deal?

    It's not "on the verge of high" - it's a voltage that will probably cause degredation of the chip - shouldn't take too long either. cadaveca even demonstrated this :p http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=114552 1.5 is considered relatively safe, wouldn't go much over that...
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    PCIe What's the Deal?

    1.6 is a bit much, if you need that for 4Ghz then frankly your chip isn't up to 4Ghz. What are you using to test these settings and what sorta temps are you getting?
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    Is this 5850 exceptional?

    This is probably the best OC I've seen on a graphics card using the reference cooler (although it loses stability under full load at >~1015Mhz or over 1.3v, possibly due to restrictions in the amount of power it can draw from two 6-pin sockets and the motherboard). I advised a friend to get one...
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    FITS: 2010 MegaRig

    Well there is the 128GB one for $480 on newegg... still over budget but not $800 :P http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148348&cm_re=Crucial_C300-_-20-148-348-_-Product
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    FITS: 2010 MegaRig

    Considered the Crucial C300? http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=45633&category_id=741&manufacturer_id=0&tid=ctfddac256mag-1g1 Rated read speed of 355MB/s and Write speed of 215MB/s, not bad.
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    Finally made it too 3.8!!! With i5 750!

    Mine's doing 3.8Ghz right now at 1.256V vcore according to CPU-Z, goes up to ~1.28v under load It will do 4Ghz with about 1.31v idle 1.34 load, or 4.2Ghz with 1.38v idle 1.41v load. Beyond that my cooling isn't up to the task :P
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    5850 not overclocking well

    Can you still get it through furmark at those clocks? I figured mine was using more than the 225W the connectors can supply - I can do 960Mhz in furmark at 1.237v or 1.25v, but if I go up to 1.262 it crashes immediately. However it will do lower clocks at 1.262 or 970Mhz at 1.25v without issue...
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    EP45-UD3P + Q9650 + 4.xGhz = Weird Stuff.

    Have you tried linpack with a much higher stress level? Take it up to 2GB or more if you really want to test stability.
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    Need help getting i5 750 to 3.8.....

    What IS a safe limit for VTT? I've never heard of anyone really taking things above 1.4, and my motherboard says "not recommended" for any setting above 1.35, but to get my ram to run at its top speed (2133mhz) I have to push VTT to 1.39v
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    Sneak Preview @ Gulftown.

    How hot does this thing run with a decent air cooler? And if it is crazy hot, what sorta cooler are they shipping with this thing?
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    Trouble OCing HD 4730

    I was gonna say - amd gpu clock tool has worked for me before on every ati card I've ever used, but I guess I'm late to the party :P
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    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    You're doing 950Mhz core at 1.062v? Impressive :D If I push mine to 1000Mhz I have to go to 1.262v, at 1010Mhz it takes 1.274v and then beyond that I run into the limit of what the power connectors can supply as it's consuming ~225W under load :D
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    What sorta fans you using on the rads? What make are the rads? Have you made sure the blocks and everything are applying decent pressure? What size tubing? What pump? Basically - More specs please :D
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    Disappearing 2Gigs of RAM

    I have the same problem which started on my board (MSI P55-GD65) when I went from 4GB of ram to 8. The board would only recognise 4GB on my old speed/timings. Was fixed when I upped my timings a bit, but it is still annoying. Now working with 8GB @ 1520Mhz 7-7-7-21