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    ASUS Leaks PRIME Z490-P and Z490-A Motherboards for Intel's 10th Gen

    On the pictures i just can see 2 ports. I think, they mean 2 x 2 USB 2.0. So, nothing new.
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    PSA: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue" on Windows October 2018 Update and How To Fix It

    Had the same issue with my GTX 1070 and a fresh installed windows. I made an other trick. First install Geforce Experience and then let Experience download and install the latest driver. That worked fine.
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    Mining "Renting" Service Nicehash Hacked; $68M Routed From User Wallets

    is is possible, that the hole bitcoin network works together and never accept any transaction from this wallt again? it is better to freeze all this coins instead of letting the hackers do what ever they want to do.
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    Phanteks Announces the Enthoo Elite Chassis

    In Germany 900€....I will stay with my Enthoo Evolv ATX :laugh:
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    MSI Readies a "Backpack" Portable Gaming PC for VR

    Some Years ago this was the portable solution Thanks MSI the future is here!
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    Rejoice! Base Clock Overclocking to Make a Comeback with "Skylake"

    And what about Xeon V5? If the upcomming Mainboards from Asus and Gigabyte with C232 Chipset get also a rebuild Bios the E3-1230 v5 could be very interesting! If someone needs Hyperthreading and ECC Memory. E3-1230 v5 + C232 Mainbaord for around 370 Bucks. A fully unlocked Skylake Quad Core...
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    ZOTAC Gives the GeForce GTX 980 Ti a Massive 25% Factory Overclock

    Caseking listed the Extreme Edition in their shop. https://www.caseking.de/pc-komponenten/grafikkarten/nvidia/geforce-gtx-980-ti?campaign=social/facebook/GeForce980ti Just 50€ more over the reference card
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    SilverStone Ready with a 700-Watt SFX-L Power Supply

    i found the case through google http://www.overclock.net/t/1527311/build-log-nova-custom-designed-17-0l-5-slot-matx-case
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    SilverStone Ready with a 700-Watt SFX-L Power Supply

    what case is this?
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    BIOSTAR Ready to Launch Motherboards with Built-in ASICS – Great for Bitcoins

    Stil SHA-256, divide 25 GH/s by 30, 833 MH/s, so for normal Bitcoin. But 25 GH/s ist not enough to play in Bitcoin-Mining today. At the current difficulty you gain 12$ per week. In two or three months you make just a few dollar per week. Newest ASIC miner have a hashrate measured in TH/s