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    Seasonic Details 12-pin Modular Cable, Free for GeForce 30 Series Owners

    That's very kind of seasonic, well done. I'm still salty I had to pay €20 to have an 8pin PciE cable delivered to me though.
  2. K

    Rumor: GeForce RTX 3090 Pricing to Arrive Around the $2,000 Mark

    1) Leak a rumor that your flagship will cost $2k. 2) Everyone: WTF, that's too much. 3) Actually release your flagship at $1700. 4) Everyone: Now that's much better. 5) Profit.
  3. K

    Noctua's Monster Fanless High-TDP Cooler Delayed to 2021: Roadmap

    Already ordered 10 of these for my o11 dynamic XL, a third of the noctuas' price. Hopefully they won't let me down.
  4. K

    ASUS Leaks PRIME Z490-P and Z490-A Motherboards for Intel's 10th Gen

    Hotter than CML? What is that assumption based on though?
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    Intel Core i7-10700F Cinebenched, Roughly Matches Ryzen 7 3700X

    10nm will be on lga 1700 so no.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020

    I like this timing since there will be enough benchmarks to show how well Intel's lineup will fare against AMD until ampere comes out in June. Sitting on a 6700k atm, I'm still excited about this release but I get that people who've already moved to Intel's 9th gen or Zen 2 won't have much...
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    Intel Core i9-9900KS to Cost around $600

    Losing money? I find that hard to believe since 9900KS is a binned 9900K, so they could very well offer it at the same price while cutting down the price of the K model a bit. Intel releasing the KS is the only thing they could do at this point I agree, but asking for $100 more than what the...
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    Intel Core i9-9900KS to Cost around $600

    So much for AMD finally bringing competitive products with competitive prices to the table. One would think that Intel would at least try to hit back by lowering their prices but apparently they choose to deny that AMD poses any threat by increasing them instead. Had it been a $500 price tag, I...