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    A teaser of Artic Coolings new baby

    just got this pre sales sample from artic cooling distributor malaysia... tests are completed.. but pictures of the review are not... raining now so cant get good natural lightinh..
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    [Review] Limited Edition Gainward Geforce 9800GT 512MB DDR3 Coolice Vmod Edition

    Many would have noticed in recent times that major brands have started to embrace the Overclocking community in a big way. Never before was there so many options in the bios for tweaking and pushing systems to the limits, so many pre-overclocked versions, different stock cooling configurations...
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    First PowerColor HD 4870 X2 Images Appear

    i can get them retail already Got a call today by distro rep to meet with him..told me its a surprise. When i reach.. :P 4870X2 retail unit are here :) not many pics i can take atm.. ill try to get more pics later :) Package comes with standard driver cd and additional...