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    dx11 issiue with bf4 beta

    if i start up bf4 beta and i get in to a server i can run the game only every 5 secconds it's laggy ass hell and when i alt+tab out of the game i get this notification. i reinstalled bf4 beta and dx11 and gpu drivers still no luck what the helle is wrong guys!
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    wifi problem

    so guys i have this problem, i have to 2 routers in my home: netgear wndr2000 netgear wndr2700 the 2700 is downstair and the 2000 is on the 1ste floor. the problem is that if i am downstairs the wifi works but it pretty slow and alot of dips in speed, also on the second no one can...
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    corsair force 3 120gb ssd problem

    hello forums friends i have a problem with my corsair force 3 120gb ssd after using it for 3 months i decided to enable ahci in bios, i did a clean instal of windows, after a few times rebooting i god a message'no os found,ctrl+alt+del to reboot' after a few reboots it does boot and works...
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    Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Video Review!!

    so i found a video review of the cosmos 2 by tiger direct TV EDIT Video is private -_-' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkSMR-ZxEHw&feature=bf_next&list=HL1324592768&lf=mh_lolz i really like this case i just had to share it!
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    opera eats a a lot of ram

    so today i started opera to continue some downloads, i wanted to Play a game and in the meantime opera does his thing, my pc said not enough of storage to continue or something xd check this I was like WTF?
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    gtx 6** series(kepler) any info

    i don't know if there is allready a thread about this but, does someone know what the specs will be of kepler? and when those babies are coming?
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    Looking for a good gaming case

    hey forums friends i'm looking for a good gaming case my old ThermalTake armor needs replacement, so i'm looking for a new case cases that i had in mind are: corsair 650D Xigmatek Elysium Fractal Design Define XL the things that are important: big:p room for 140mm fans in...
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    Looking for a sata600 raid controller

    dear forum members tuesday i started a tread because my corsair force f3 120gb ssd was not working @ his full potential on my asus rampage gene 3, so some came to a conclusion that my build in controller marvel 9128 was sittling on a pci-e 1x quote from maban now i want a raid...
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    ssd problem

    hey forum members i have a problem with my new corsair force 120gb ssd i got it yesterday(monday) i installed in my pc i also recieved also new mobo, cpu and mem. before i decided to buy it i checked out tweaktown to see if it's a good ssd and they gave 93% out of the 100% score i...
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    server build for friend need opinion

    dear techpowerup members a friend of my asked if i could build a pc/workstation for music encoding and such with osX i had this in mind 2x http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/240344/intel-xeon-w3540.html#tab:info 1x http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/231790/asus-z8nr-d12.html 2x...