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  1. blobster21

    RTX 3080 Crash to Desktop Problems Likely Connected to AIB-Designed Capacitor Choice

    No, it's not THAT easy. If anything, those components will to the job within their respective operating range nicely. It's just that the gpu boost is too much to handle for them. 2 contributors wrote it already :
  2. blobster21

    RTX 3080 Crash to Desktop Problems Likely Connected to AIB-Designed Capacitor Choice

    Come on, we need more insightful comments here ! (and i'm bored to death anyway, so keep them coming please :p )
  3. blobster21

    RTX 3080 Crash to Desktop Problems Likely Connected to AIB-Designed Capacitor Choice

    Vote with your wallet. Enough said.
  4. blobster21

    Xiaomi Could be Preparing to Launch 240 Hz, 360 Hz 1080p Gaming Monitors Starting at $145

    Because it makes you feel great when you goes to bed, and even better when you wake up in the morning (sarcasm off, going to bed for now, good night everybody)
  5. blobster21

    Will This Power Supply Unit Work?

    This PSU probably doesn't have the required 1x8pins PCI-E cable to power your RTX2060. Check first, and try to find more pictures of the product from different angles. edit: indeed, nowhere on the front box it is written that it has some 6pins/8pins gpu cables
  6. blobster21

    NVIDIA Responds to Criticism Surrounding the RTX 3080 Launch

    I'm done with hardware upgrading craze, i'm so happy to be out of it. This goes in pair with most modern games not catching my interest anymore. (growing too old ? i'm only 47 though...)
  7. blobster21

    ASUS ROG Launches Partnership with ACRONYM on Special Edition Zephyrus G14

    This guy is/work for acronym, which produced said jacket.
  8. blobster21

    Apple is Quickly Expanding its Data Centers

    it doesn't seem so far fetched after all !
  9. blobster21

    GeForce RTX 3080 Rips and Tears Through DOOM Eternal at 4K, Over 100 FPS

    But it's so much more fun to throw numbers out of nowhere, compared to your explanation. And don't forget you can always download more RAM, if need be.
  10. blobster21

    Permanently disabling LED RGB lighting for MSI GPUs

    If such software exists for Windows, did you try to run it with Wine when you are on your linux OS ?
  11. blobster21

    Gainward GeForce RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 Ampere Pictured, Slides Confirm Specs

    it will look great....as a poster in the toilet.
  12. blobster21

    Turn a Dell Poweredge T630 into a rendering farm !

    Yes indeed @phill , those are 80mm fans, all 6 of them ! So, i received the last piece of hardware today : the DELL optional fans kit (Part # 56F1P, required for multiple GPUs cooling, or when you fill all 18 drives bays) Those are hot swappables Delta brushless DC fans, rated 12V / 3A...
  13. blobster21

    Turn a Dell Poweredge T630 into a rendering farm !

    Hi @phill ! I have been putting the 2 x R710 to good use during the home confinement up until now (eventhough i could not use them as i first intended for the TechPowerUp! WCG team) Both are lovely, and remarkably quiet once you send the appropriate raw hex values to the Intelligent Plateform...
  14. blobster21

    Turn a Dell Poweredge T630 into a rendering farm !

    space reserved for later use. thx:toast:
  15. blobster21

    Turn a Dell Poweredge T630 into a rendering farm !

    Hello, This summer has been pretty calm, until my brother came to me with a special request : He heard i got hold of a retired (yet fully functionnal) Dell Poweredge T630 at work, and since i couldn’t do what i wanted with it, we decided to transform it into a rendering server for his company...
  16. blobster21

    Toshiba Officially Exits the Laptop Business

    What's left of the former Toshiba company now that they had to spin off: -their Light division -their CCD sensors branch -their household appliances branch -their NAND flash memory branch -their medical & industrial camera branch -their laptop division ....and failling to fullfil their agenda...
  17. blobster21

    Kind of a stupid question

    Both 4 pins CPU connectors are designed with a specific pin scheme to prevent incorrect insertion. If you can plug it completely, then you did the right choice :)
  18. blobster21

    Need some help identifying a problem. Video attached.

    Is that what we call Coil whine ? it's usually high pitched electric noise.
  19. blobster21

    Mad Catz Announces EGO Arcade FightStick, C.A.T. 7 Gamepad

    And now they have different types of experiences that we did not have back then (drones, VR, etc...) Compared to this, being able to "smash game controller with full force" sounds rather weak and unappealing.
  20. blobster21

    Noblechairs Announces DOOM Edition Gaming Chair Availability

    WIll look great in a christian family :rockout:
  21. blobster21

    Apple Says Cloud Gaming Services Like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud Violate App Store Guidelines

    Apple's knee-jerk reaction ! I'm on android so i don't care in the slightest :nutkick:
  22. blobster21

    Marvell Launches a Vast Lineup of Networking PHYs: 2.5GbE, 5GbE, 10GbE, and Up

    Time and time again : give us some fairly priced 8-16 ports switches to handle this kind of network load (5GB / 10Gb) and we'll consider you NICs.
  23. blobster21

    Need help with an old AOC LED 22'' TV and a old Intel HD Graphics card resolution issue!!!

    hi, what is the native resolution & refresh rate of this AOC ? (you can get the info in the on-screen display menu)
  24. blobster21

    Azza Introduces The Pyramid Mini 806 Mini-ITX Case

    This guy : in term of PC case design, pyramids are "way ahead" :roll:
  25. blobster21

    QNAP Launches QuTScloud, a Virtual NAS Solution for Running QTS on Server Virtualization Platforms

    Awwww, this sucks. To hell with their QuTScloud :shadedshu: