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  1. blobster21

    Turn a Dell Poweredge T630 into a rendering farm !

    Hello, This summer has been pretty calm, until my brother came to me with a special request : He heard i got hold of a retired (yet fully functionnal) Dell Poweredge T630 at work, and since i couldn’t do what i wanted with it, we decided to transform it into a rendering server for his company...
  2. blobster21

    Extremely low speed

    Hello, My friend and i have been using NVcleanstall a couple of times during the past weeks, and every time we get to the actual download, we're stuck at 50KB/s for the first 1/3 of the components downloads. We both have a 400MB/s FC connection so we're obviously not capped by your ISP. We...
  3. blobster21

    What with this extremly high bandwidth usage ?

    Is load balancing defective ? or are they undergoing mirror sync ?
  4. blobster21

    Ubuntu to switch back to GNOME, drop Unity

    http://www.osnews.com/story/29753/Ubuntu_to_switch_back_to_GNOME_drop_Unity At long last !! Just like internet explorer is used long enough only to install another 3rd party browser, Unity never got my favour and i kept going back to the Mate DE alternative. What about you guys ?
  5. blobster21

    VPN question

    Hi, We recently dropped teamviewer at work, in favor of the embedded vpn features in Windows 10. So far i have been able to connect to my work place, create network drives and connect to RDP sessions. Unfortunately there's a downside to it : I can't surf anymore locally, as long as the VPN...
  6. blobster21

    How do you proceed to remove old sticky thermal pads ?

    Hello, I bought 2 adaptec RAID cards and those babies can run pretty hot (70°C / 160°F) even with decent case cooling. That's why i decided to clean the main chips and apply a new thermal compound layer. The thing is, Adaptec used those pink "gum like" thermal pads and it's a real pain to...
  7. blobster21

    Ubuntu 16.04 security concerns

    http://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-expert-matthew-garrett-ubuntu-16-04s-new-snap-format-is-a-security-risk/ What do you think about this feature introduced in Ubuntu 16.04, called "Snap" : BUT according to Matthew Garrett (a well-known Linux kernel developer and security developer at CoreOS(...
  8. blobster21

    Boincstats signature hotlinking no longer allowed ?

    Hi, Today i realized my boincstats forum signature was no longer working, i assumed something was wrong on their side and went on to refresh it, only to discover that TPU won't allow it anymore : In this case, it's pointless since the boincstats signature is dynamically generated to mirror...
  9. blobster21

    Help needed for a failing 2 pins fan

    Hi, 2 Years ago I bought 2 icybox IB-544 series backplanes, each has its own rear exhaust fan (HD7015S12L , 80x80x15 , 12Volts 0.10A) Recently one of them started to produce really loud and annoying noise. The fan quiet down after 2 minutes, when the computer is fully loaded and reach the...
  10. blobster21

    WIndows 10 : How well/bad did the upgrade work for you ?

    Hello, I have been playing with windows 10 since it became available in my country, and i tried as much upgrade scenarios as possible, ranging from the default GWX upgrade path, to a scratch install. I have also tested the rollback feature. So far i tested the following environments ...
  11. blobster21

    Debian Iptables question

    Hello ! I'm using my raspberry PI (powered by raspbian) as a wireless access point. I have enabled ipv4 forwarding between my wireless ( and my wired networks ( with the following iptables rules : sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE sudo...
  12. blobster21

    BASH users : read this

    source : arstechnica Update your repositories and you should see an updated bash release available. I did it for my debian boxes and raspberry pi, everything is ok now.
  13. blobster21

    RAID question

    I've been using an adaptec 3405 RAID controller since april 2013 and everything was fine until last week. The raid consists of 4 x Seagate STDM1000 1TB (consumer grade) put together in raid-5, which gives 2,7TB storage space. After hosting 213000 files recovered from a friend's failed laptop...
  14. blobster21

    Bonjour-lab project : 5 multipurposed workstations

    Hello, I've been commisioned by my brother to build 5 identical workstations, with baseline capacity of realtime 3d rendering, and powerfull enough to handle your typical busydays workload. After discussing the minimum specs and whatnot, then refining several times my shopping cart to fit...
  15. blobster21

    libflashplayer.so updated

    Version is no longer the latest / last / up-to-date release for linux systems. Adobe published a security bulletin and recommend linux users to switch to version :
  16. blobster21

    OFFICIAL Planets³ (Discussion)

    Still in its early development stage, seeking financials backers through crowdfunding http://www.planets-cube.com/index.html
  17. blobster21

    option to minimize to tray on startup

    Hi w1zzard, cheers and congratulation for atitool, definately a great piece of software you created. What do you think about adding an option to minimize atitool to tray at startup ? it could come handy and wouldn't hurt those who don't need it :o
  18. blobster21

    Scary temps, your opinion wanted

    Hi, I've just made it to this forum to get your advices about what seems to be "way out of range" temperatures for a sapphire X800 XT + ati silencer 4. When running ATitools 0.0.23b8, i'm getting 102°/49° while finding max core/mem clocks... It sure isn't supposed to heat up like this...