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    Old Hardware? Game Server?

    Just out of curiosity, what do people do with older hardware? I see that most people repurpose them into home servers, however I can't really see myself needing a dedicated. I use Plex as my media server on my 2600K and that seems to fit my needs for my media streaming. I have SSDs on all 3...
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    underclock qx9650

    I managed to pick up a QX9650 w/ a P5E WS Pro, an 80GB G2 SSD, 4GB DDR2, a GTS250, and some IBUYPOWER case/psu for $125 today. Its basically a system that isn't needed, but for the price I figure i couldn't pass it up. I want to use this thing as a headless home server since the P5E has 8 SATA...
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    how did i do?

    Last week i saw a local sale on craigslist for some computer parts, i thought it was a really good deal so i decided to pick it up...it included a phenom 9950, m3a32-mvp deluxe, and 4gb of ddr2-1066 for $125 i thought to myself, hey why not, i could always use another backup computer i did...
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    XFX 5870 Reference Bios Flash?

    So...i have a reference XFX 5870 which you all know is locked to 900/1300 in ccc with MSI afterburner enableunofficialoverclocking, you can bypass it, however i lose my idle clocks of 157/300 i want to flash my BIOS to the asus unlocked one as i heard i can oc it and still keep my idle...
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    GTX280 + AIM oddness

    For some reason, my GTX280 won't downclock if I have AIM running, it'll stay at 670/1460/1215....however once i turn off AIM, it downclocks to 301/602/100...any thoughts? btw, this is all in a 2d environment (desktop) Newest drivers, newest version of AIM, Windows Server 2008 64-bit
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    [FS][US] Asus Gtx280 Top

    Give me about 8 hours to post up pics, I am at work right now I also have accounts on XS and Tech-forums.net under the same name Up for sale is a ASUS GTX280 TOP, runs at 670mhz, 1460mhz, and 2330mhz. Card hasn't been registered so you get the full 3-year warranty. Make sure your card...
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    New build ^^ i7

    :respect: This definitely rocks, now i just need to get rid of the stock cooler