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    be quiet! Pure Rock 2

    I'm a bit confused by the testing methodology. When testing temperatures do you set the fan to 100%, to an specific noise level or do you use a pwm fan curve? And how is that relative performance number calculated? I think its a little weird that the C7 is so close to this cooler when it...
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    Console Makers, Publishers Agree to Disclose Loot Box Odds for "Ethical Surprise Mechanics"

    They are just afraid to get lootboxes totally banned, so are doing the absolute minimum possible to try to make it look like they care.
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    AMD Radeon 19.7.3 Drivers Increase RX 5700 Series Idle Fan Speeds by Over 50%

    But can you still change it manually using a custom fan curve? If so, that's not THAT bad. If you can't change it however, that's absurd and shouldn't ever happen, specially when a GPU at iddle shouldn't make any noise at all. Our perception of sound pressure is also not linear, so even though...
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    Corsair Releases Its First Thermal Paste Solution: The TM30

    At first i though that viscosity number was wrong because of their marketing saying its "low viscosity". You cant market something as low viscosity when its actually viscous as fuck. But if your specs are correct, its a rebrand of this. I'm a bit confused. I'll look for some more about subject...
  5. Air

    Corsair Releases Its First Thermal Paste Solution: The TM30

    You cant judge performance based only on thermal conductivity alone. They market it as a low viscosity paste, which means that it may be able to better fill imperfections and form a thinner layer than materials with higher viscosity, both of which increases performance.
  6. Air

    Editorial Intel's 28-core HEDT Processor a Panic Reaction to 32-core Threadripper

    Some companies do push the "lying for dollars" way further than others, in all sectors of the economy. Let's not pretend they are all the same.
  7. Air

    Editorial Intel's 28-core HEDT Processor a Panic Reaction to 32-core Threadripper

    People arguing that Intel's deception was not good enough, so it's the people/press fault that they believed them and Intel is not to be blamed. Trying to misslead consumers is ok if it's not done too well. Amazing.
  8. Air

    KFA2 GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Smiles for the Camera

    Wow a card that actually looks good? Nice.
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    Tunai Announces the DRUM Audiophile-grade in-ear Headphones

    Frequently used to market snake oil. Up to 40 kHz range? I won't be able to hear it, but I like to share my headphones with my dog, so that's a welcome feature for sure.
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    Manli Adds a GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card to Its Portfolio

    I used to think that too. But according to the TPU results, the removal of the DVI port didn't change a thing for the GTX 1080 Ti in comparison with the Titan X Pascal (which has similar power and includes dvi). Nvidia's claim of better cooling didn't turn out to be real.
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    Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Which one is it? Yeah, i know many people will be just fine with red, I'm just questioning it's choice as the standard for "gaming", instead of white.
  12. Air

    Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    While that explaination may be valid, i can't say I'm convinced, because I've never seen a red backlit keyboard that isn't a "gaming" one. So i think that's more related to this generic "gaming culture". I'm not entirely sure we, non red-lovers, are weirdos or most people actually do not like...
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    Acer Showcases Nitro 5 Spin Notebook With Intel 8th Gen Inside

    A 6300HQ is 45W so it will probably not match it. I'm interested in it because it mey be a good match to an eGPU, which is what I'm looking for. I would like to have something portable a like XPS 13 or macbook pro that i could use at home docked with a nice screen, keyboard, mouse ethernet and...
  14. Air

    Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    For me too. People seem to hate RGB, its s lot better than fixed option. But if RG is not offered, standard backlighting should be white, not red. Its fine if red happens to be your color, but it will not be for everyone (for me its the worst option of all), while white is neutral. There is a...
  15. Air

    Acer Showcases Nitro 5 Spin Notebook With Intel 8th Gen Inside

    Cool, we should soon find out how well these 15W quad cores do on gaming.
  16. Air

    Thermaltake Introduces the View 71 Tempered Glass Edition Full Tower Chassis

    Gotta say this LED ring behind the glass panel looks pretty cool. On a side note... Thanks for ruining my blue color scheme with an orange/red sticker! Whats the point of RGB if you are going to stick a coloured sticker on it!!? "Who cares about looks", well, people that would buy a RGB fan...
  17. Air

    The RGB craze

    It's not because some bad designs get released ocasionally that the concept of big open air coolers is bad. More mass and surface area WILL lead to better cooling if done properly. Msi, for instance, consistently gets great results. There will be examples of bad execution, like this aberration...
  18. Air

    The RGB craze

    The big coolers are not useless at all. But i do agree that they are aesthetically terribly designed. It only gets better when they do offer RGB but paint it red, so you can't actually choose any other color (Msi pls...) The only GPU coolers that actually look good are the current AMD reference...
  19. Air

    The RGB craze

    As someone that do not like red lights at all, the RGB trend is very welcome. Before almost everything was red. I guess its a popular color, but i hate it (much prefer nvidia green, or just white) Now you can set anything to a color you actually like, or just disable them all. And it's not like...
  20. Air

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB

    That's because it probably can't be done on blower coolers. On open air coolers the heatskins are always realively big and exposed to ambient air. On blowers, the heatsink is much smaller and enclasurated in a "pipe", which is necessary to the use of radial fans, but terrible for natural...
  21. Air

    Developers on the Move: NVIDIA Partners Working on External GPU Solutions

    Thats a damn fine looking enclosure. Outside of razer, pretty much all eGPU cases looks terrible.
  22. Air

    Help: I think I have "bricked" my ssd

    Thanks for the tip, just tryied it. No partitions found on the disk.
  23. Air

    NVIDIA Deliberately Worsens SDR Monitor Image Settings to Showcase HDR

    Not shady at all eh? I could ignore it as normal if they just chosen a terrible monitor, but going out of their way to also mess with the default settings? Boy... Doing this in a technical expo.... I would think this kinda of stuff just makes them look bad, but their marketeers surely knows...
  24. Air

    Help: I think I have "bricked" my ssd

    Yeah, the secure erase software orients you how to do it. Will have to look about the security on the BIOS, but i think thats unlikely, since I never had any problem before the "event". Thanks, will try it when i have the time.
  25. Air

    Noctua Demonstrate Their Next-Generation A-Series Fans at Computex 2017

    Gladly. I hope they never release a CHROMAX GAMING RGB series. It would stain their brand.