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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    Belkin N1 Router w/ Box and software: $65 Shipped *obo* AMD Athlon 64 3500 2.2 GHz (ADA3500DAA4BW): $40 Shipped + $5 if u want heatsink *obo* SOLD Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter: $65 Shipped SOLD 2x Western Digital Raptor WD360GD: $40 each, $75 Both Shipped *obo* Sold to Slyfox2151...
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    [FS] EVGA NIB EVGA 780i and Used 8800(gts)

    Ok well I bought the EVGA 780i A1 from MRW1986 on the forums and the board had to be RMA'ed so I got a new board overnighted to me and shipped the old board back. So I now have a brand new 780i motherboard I have not taken out of it's box yet. I decided to keep my Asus and not reinstall the...
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    Ok so my computer and my tv are on total other sides of the house. Id like to be able to have my computer screen with a seperate keyboard and mouse available on my TV without moving my computer or building another computer. Is there any hardware like a slingbox type device that could make this...
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    Need some serious help with this one!

    Ok so I work for this company and they are in the process of moving all there computers to a new location and there main computer had a hard drive crash. So I replaced the hard drive and put in a raid 0! All works good I put it all together and bring it to him plug it in and I get a black...
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    [FS] EVGA 780i SLI A1 and Abit AW9D-MAX

    Ok well I originally had the Abit board and bought the EVGA 780i off of "mrw1986" from the forums here about a month ago. Then got a great deal on some DDR3 so I have no use for either of these 2 great motherboards sitting in my closet. I only have 1 heatware feedback and it is positive from...
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    2 Ati Silencer 5 rev 2's dead from atitool

    Ok not positive but here is my story. I installed the arctic cooling vga cooler 5 rev 2 on my pci-e ati x800xl and it worked great for about 2 weeks. It was overclocked slightly no artifacts running great. So i decided to go into fan control in atitool and override the fan control speen. As...