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  1. Katanai


    Just got a PSP. It's a Slim 2004 model, latest firmware etc. So far I'm loving it! :D I just wanted to ask: what are the PSP essentials? So feel free to recommend anything, games utilities etc. I'm especially interested in a good video converter for it. Tekken 5 DR is awesome btw. :rockout:
  2. Katanai


    How do they manage to do this? :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: I was never a fanboy of any company nor was I against any of them. But this just does it!!! :mad: I've just got to the end of Dead Space,(SPOILER ALERT) didn't encounter any bugs except the one with multiple...
  3. Katanai

    Pure sex!

    Just saw this on xtremesystems and I fell in love with this board. I need to rob a bank or something soon enough. :shadedshu http://www.vr-zone.com/articles/Foxconn_Quantum_Force_Blood_Rage_X58_Sneak_Preview/6126.html
  4. Katanai

    What game are you best at?

    For me, although I've played CS 1.6 professionally in the PGL and was clan leader, I think it's Tekken. I have yet to find someone that can survive my Heihachi. I'm desperate now as I can't afford a PS3 and a HDTV and can only stand aside as people all over the world are and will be playing...
  5. Katanai

    Old drive

    So I just installed an old WD 10GB drive on my secondary PC. I want to try out Ubuntu and I found this drive somewhere and thought it would be perfect. When I boot it up it says IDE device not found or something like that. I press F1 to continue and in windows the drive works just fine, I've...
  6. Katanai

    should not see me

    Ok this is the second time it happened. When I try to restart XP I get this end task message with something called: "should not see me". Is this a virus or something else? All I can find with google is people asking the same question and no one knows exactly what it is. Could it be related to...