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    does wireless n increase distance and improve signal quality?

    The computer will need to be Wireless N also if thats what you are asking
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    Smoking Voids apple warranties!

    So here is my experiences. I use to have a crazy party house through high school and college where smoke was more common then fresh air and I CAN 100% assure you cigarette smoke kills all electronics not just computers (especially cigar smoke). I worked at Circuit City at the time and went...
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    CoD4 vs. Crysis:)

    I thought Crysis was one of the worst games ever, I felt almost no thought was put into it except for looks which again they cut too many corners in that area also. The gameplay was terrible and the AI was so pathetic it was almost disgusting. COD 4 was amazing single or multi hands down. I...
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    NVidia 8800 Windows 7 problem

    Just my 2 cents. I had a dead card that did that in 3d settings. :( Sorry to see that
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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    *Bump RAptors sold to SLY but the rest is still for sale and VERY negotiable on prices
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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    Few PMS on the raptors, may be sold will see by this weekend. Will take any reasonable offers on the other items - Bump
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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    You got a PM and will be less then your offer :)
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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    Drive Dates Yes both drives have the same exact dates :)
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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    I purchased the drives at the same time so they should have the same dates. I can check when I get home from work. As for shipping out of the US I'm sure I can work something out but you will have to pay the extra shipping and these drives are HEAVY!! PS I do have Heatware after all but...
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    [FS][US] 2x Raptors, N1 Router, AMD 3500+, XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter

    Belkin N1 Router w/ Box and software: $65 Shipped *obo* AMD Athlon 64 3500 2.2 GHz (ADA3500DAA4BW): $40 Shipped + $5 if u want heatsink *obo* SOLD Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter: $65 Shipped SOLD 2x Western Digital Raptor WD360GD: $40 each, $75 Both Shipped *obo* Sold to Slyfox2151...
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    Any EverQuest 2 players?

    eq2 the everquest series has over 10 yrs of experience the current game is very well polished and extremely fun except for the extremely old pathetic engine it runs on which needs some serious updating.
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    Any EverQuest 2 players?

    I play on Befallen server for the last 3 years or so :) I love EQ2
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    I have a virus

    It sounds more like malware to me I have friends that have similar situations ALL THE TIME. Usually from too much porn! I use the greatest program for it. Superantispyware.com this program is a miracle for fixing these problems. Give it a try see if it finds anything and fixes it. If not...
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    Gaming: Raptor v Velociraptor; Noticeable difference?

    Agree I have a similar setup as well
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    Gaming: Raptor v Velociraptor; Noticeable difference?

    Load times are way better including boot times and in a raid situation u want a drive with a high MTBF. I think you may be askin if there is a performance difference between the sizes and the answer is no all size raptors perform the same maybe a micro difference you could not possible notice...
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    mrw1986's Watercooling...woo

    Gratz Man! pix?
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    XBOX360 owner clubhouse, come on in ;)

    SYSTEM (Core, Premium or Elite): Elite PERIPHERALS/ACCESSORIES: About everything I could get my hands on LIVE GAMER TAG: JerryDeath CURRENTLY PLAYING: COD 4 Gears Soul Cal 2 CURRENT FAVOURITE GAME: Soul Cal 2 MOST ANTICIPATED GAME(S) Gears 2
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    Western Digitals SUCK!!!

    I have had every drive brand including WDs fail, my raptors tho have never let me down the only HD I will ever buy or recommend! Sorry for your bad luck
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    [FS] EVGA NIB EVGA 780i and Used 8800(gts)

    Yep It's still sittin here lookin for a good home
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    [FS] EVGA NIB EVGA 780i and Used 8800(gts)

    bump i added trade in there since i get alot of requests for trades
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    [FS] EVGA NIB EVGA 780i and Used 8800(gts)

    Ok well I bought the EVGA 780i A1 from MRW1986 on the forums and the board had to be RMA'ed so I got a new board overnighted to me and shipped the old board back. So I now have a brand new 780i motherboard I have not taken out of it's box yet. I decided to keep my Asus and not reinstall the...
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    [WTB][US] Dual Core Intel, LGA775 motherboard, DDR2 RAM

    I have a brand new EVGA 780i I had it RMAed and bought a different motherboard was bout to put it on Ebay but would much rather sell it here. I bought it originally from MRW1986 on these forums but had to send his in for an RMA and they sent me a new one. He was very helpful in the RMA process...
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    Big house you would think that there would be a market for such an item nowadays :/