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    Unable to OC after GPU upgrade

    I recently bought a used 5870 and placed it in an old 775 system with a Q6600 and a Gigabyte P31-DS3L. Before adding the 5870 I could OC the CPU to 3 Ghz easy, now it won't even OC 1 Mhz over 2.4Ghz, enabling bus frequency override makes it restart with it disabled. When I pop in a 7750 I can...
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    PC keeps restarting

    My PC keeps restarting for no reason. This morning it wouldn't even POST so I cleared the CMOS a couple of times with no result then replaced the RAM which at least allowed me to enter BIOS and load the fail safe settings. Then it just started rebooting for like 4 times and when it finally...
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    can't overclock Q6600

    I bought a used Q6600 G0 today, and tried overclocking it on a Gigabyte p31-ds3l board. It just does not want to OC. The BIOS shows that it is overclocked every time I check the settings but in Windows it has stock speed. I have the f2 BIOS revision for the board which is supposed to work with...
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    Bios fail!!! Benq Joybook S53 notebook motherboard "dead"

    I tried an update using what is most likely the wrong bios (since the name started with 3 and the latest ones starts with 5), from Windows, not a boot disk/floppy, and the laptop has now a sad black screen. Some guys tried to fix it at a local computer repair shop using another Windows bios...
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    Computer restarting

    So I get up this morning and start my computer, I try to check my mail then out of the blue it restarts. After a few more crashes I started the usual troubleshooting: I unplugged everything except the keyboard, cleared CMOS and checked for loose cables. Didn't work. I ruled out the OS (Windows...
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    Checksum error on an old computer

    My friend's computer stopped working today. When I turn it on beeps once then it starts beeping like crazy and it gives the message "Checksum error loading default checksum" and at the bottom "Press F1 to continue or Del to enter setup". Thing is when I press F1 or Del nothing happens. It's...
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    BIOS flash gone wrong

    So, I flashed my 2400 XT the only thing I changed in the BIOS I flashed it with was the overdrive limit. When I restarted the computer, the drivers didn't work anymore. I reinstalled the drivers but they still don't work. Can someone help me out?